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What ornament you should not give to the wife?

This stone are considered a stone of leaders. By means of its force it is possible to provide the power and power, he aggravates mind, allows to expect the future, to learn plans of the opponent and to ruin them. Speakers put this stone under language before performance to strike audience with the eloquence and possession of a subject - irreplaceable property for the leader, if the leader is not able to say, then how he will lead people?

It is onyx, a striped miracle.

Onyx the family of chalcedonies possesses, a stone layered, raznotsvetno - striped. Alternation of taenioid strips of various flowers gives to a stone a unique charm. Existence on a cut of direct, parallel lines is characteristic of onyx. If lines concentric or zigzag, then it is agate.

Onyx of white color (a white carnelian) is capable to help the owner to attract hearts. Such stone is simply irreplaceable as a mascot for any head. Not only that it helps to cause sympathy in people around - and what head does not want that it was loved and respected? - onyx does not allow to give in to uncontrollable anger, protects from rash decisions and furthermore acts.

What is interesting: onyx, attracting hearts of people to the owner of a stone, at the same time protects the owner from the induced inclination. If the unworthy person seeks to be pleasant to the owner of onyx - it is waited by failure.

The stone is especially useful to the head while it is difficult to it to concentrate (for example, something persistently distracts his attention from an objective, or there is a lot of tasks that it is lost, without knowing what to choose from them as prime). Onyx helps to concentrate attention, and also to establish priorities. For any absent-minded or constraining person onyx - just a find. This stone is capable to stimulate inclinations of the head in the most harmless mouse.

Onyx helps to distinguish treachery, dishonesty, saves from incorrectness - even from marital infidelity. They say that the wife of the owner of an oniksovy amulet is simply not able to change the husband, such thought is not capable to come to her mind.

And here it is not recommended to give to the wife of ornament from onyx. It is a stone of leaders, and the wife wearing such ornament not just gets chance of domination in a family, it automatically becomes on the leading position. At the woman who wears an oniksovy beads the man has every chance to become the henpecked. It will suit not any character. For this reason some people have a belief that onyx threatens with separation by the lover. If presented to Juliette oniksovy ornament, then relatives should not have worried about improper the novel - it would decay by itself. But then we would have no wonderful, magic love story.

Perhaps, from - for this properties to separate lovers, to grant to women family domination, Arabs called " onyx; eldzhozo - sad. In Muslim tradition inadmissibly to the woman to order the man (at least openly), and the stone which is capable to allow the wife to direct really had to be for followers of Islam sad destroyer of a family. Onyx caused superstitious horror in Arabs (of course that can be more awful, than submission to the woman!) they attributed to a stone a set of gloomy properties, but everything was reduced to one - the woman becomes disobedient!

Onyx has one more surprising property which can be useful to fans of bodyguard or to those who need bodyguard - it protects from sudden death as a result of attempt at life, and in general opposes to any attempts. If to trust ancient, then the mascot from onyx is not capable to replace the trained young people in dark glasses, but helps to reveal the terrorist and to resist to it.

Used for concentration, onyx can help not predict future, but also learn the past. It is not recommended to deceive the owner of onyx - it is capable to track lie to its sources.

Onyx was used not only in " for a long time; leading but also in the medical purposes. The suffering disorder of memory (for example, at vegeto - vascular dystonia) is recommended to wear oniksovy jewelry - the stone strengthens memory better than any tablets (if, of course, you trust our ancestors who quite so used onyx).

Onyx in a frame from silver, wearable in the form of a pendent, normalizes warm activity, helps at heartaches. The stone can cure sleeplessness - if to put it on a forehead and to take so minutes 10 - 15 before going to bed. Ancient assured that dreams of the owner of onyx are serene and strengthen an organism.

Stones with pronounced strips can be used as soothing and bactericidal means. They need to be put on the inflamed place, a tumor, a wound. At gripes in a stomach striped onyx is placed directly on a sore point - and pain calms.

Onyx with brown and white strips (sardonyx) stops bleeding and promotes merging of bones at changes.

Onyx with dominating it is red - in the orange color helps at infertility and impotence. Put in areas of a basin or a navel, he stimulates purification of blood and removes all blocks interfering fertilization.

A beads from onyx treats long cough, diseases of respiratory system and - attention to all who are afraid of stomatologists! - teeth! In the form of a bracelet onyx cures gout.

Almost at all people (except Arabs) onyx was considered as a stone of a zhizneutverzhdeniye, pleasure. Claimed that ornament is capable to expel dark thoughts from onyx. Here only black onyx is capable to stimulate developing of a depression, however, it best of all protects from dangers and evil forces. Perhaps, the grief arising at the owner of a black stone is connected with awareness of plurality of the evil in the world.

The best frame for onyx - silver. In silver the stone most fully shows the best properties. " gold; muffles and smears positive impact of onyx, and copper does not clean, but also does not add anything - the frame from copper for onyx is absolutely neutral.