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The driving instructor - the friend or the enemy? I Will begin

with the most important. Since 2009 the new system of training in driving school starts. Courses will proceed 4 months, cost will grow by 3 times. Generally, you hurry to register...

So, you came to driving school. Paid money. Chose days for classes in the theory. Everything is excellent and sektretar in driving school friendly writes out to you all receipts. There pass three weeks and here it is the long-awaited moment: You meet the teacher after the practician - the instructor. You appoint the first occupation. Going on the autodrome, you look at drivers of the passing cars. Nothing supposedly and I will join your ranks soon!

After you crossed an autodrome threshold you have two ways:

1. At once to declare to the instructor what you paid fantastic sum and he is obliged to you " now; on a life coffin .

2. It is quiet to take the place driving and to smile friendly... to in a rear-view mirror.

I persistently suggest you to go on the second way - it will give you the chance to relax and receive though some skills. Change of the instructor is equivalent to undertaking from scratch. Try to come into contact with the one you got who. Tell about the skills (on an arable land on a tractor, driving an electric train or in the village on a mare). Consider, on the first occupation you have to get acquainted with all buttons in the car, learn to start and to stop smoothly. All this!

Further occupations take place on exercises on the platform and departure to the city. The ratio of number of occupations in the city and on the platform has to be about 40/60. I explain, in the city it is simpler to go. Pay attention to the platform. There jeweler accuracy is necessary. In the city it is necessary just to overcome fear of a counter flow and horror from crawling over you behind KAMAZ . Further - all by traffic regulations.

If you consider that the instructor gives you attention a little, remind him of yourself. As practice shows, positive emotions from you will attach to you the instructor better than any persistent requirements. By the way, absolutely senselessly to girls to put on short skirts and high heels. It will only prevent you to study, and to the instructor already all the same as you look. You at it - 1526 - I am a schoolgirl in a short skirt.

Generalizing everything told: be benevolent and he will answer you with the same. All ingenious is simple. Believe, the instructor has a terrible work. I saw the school vehicles which fell from a platform at examination in the traffic polices turned on turn. Videla of pupils who, having seized death grip a wheel, take off on the middle of the intersection depart to the wood after the journey. And on the first classes in driving each instructor says about safety, about the speed limit of the movement (for pupils - 40 km/h), that it is necessary to listen to the instructor attentively. No, we want in fight! We were incorrectly taught, but we will learn now and we will teach all around.

By the way, nobody still forbade to ask questions yet and to receive on them intelligible answers. Ask about everything that interests you, in the course of training. In driving schools the skilled children who visited different situations work.

So, our motto - a positive ! Make the instructor the friend and he a sradost will teach you to everything that knows. It is checked on own experience.