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What it, loose tongue? If you meet language of teloslozheniye

plump, with the shortened extremities of the sweet tooth and hater of greens, then with high probability of Kapkh`s before you (slow, sleepy, short).

If hands and legs at it long and cold, he loves vegetables and spicy food, then it is most likely Cotton wool (nervous, long, cold).

If you need to put a lot of effort to catch this person and to ask him a question of what he loves, then it is Pitt`s (hot, athletic, smelling).

Who such Kapkhi, Cotton wool and Pitta (not to confuse to Brad Pete!) about what tells their body and a coma this knowledge can be useful?

Attempts to define character of the person at first sight are old as the world. Still Hippocrates allocated of 4 main types of the constitution which explained behavior of the person with prevalence in his body of this or that vital " juice;:

Choleric person. Impulsive, hot. Prevalence of yellow bile (Greek χ ο λ ή care, bile, " poison;).

Phlegmatic person. Quiet, sluggish. Prevalence of a lymph (Greek φ λ έ γ μ α phlegm, phlegm ).

Sanguine person. Mobile, cheerful. Prevalence of blood (Latin sanguis, sangvis, " blood;) .

Melancholiac. Sad, timid. Prevalence of black bile (Greek μ έ λ α ι ν α χ ο λ ή care for a melen, black " bile;) .

Ayurveda, science about life existing more than 5 thousand years Dosch has in the basis system three : Cotton wool (air and air), Pitt`s (fire and water, bile), Kapkh`s (water and earth, slime). It is enough to address the translation of value of Dosch that means defect, defect, marriage that all questions on a subject what Dosch the best disappeared.

At the same time it is necessary to understand that there is a reality by nature, whiling away Prakriti is called, and there is an influence of a way of life that Vitakriti`s name carries. For example, the woman, natural Cotton wool, can look as Kapkh owing to incorrectly picked up contraceptives.

For many reference of to this or that category restrains the feeling of identity imparted from the cradle. For this reason it is important to remember that speaking " type; the tendency shifts in this or that party, Kapkhi or Cotton wool means. At the same time the stop in some point of this line is possible that it causes emergence of the mixed types.

Why it is necessary to know " language; a constitution and who can derive a benefit maximum from it?

For example, the employer , for more effective use of personnel. It is the best of all to use restless character of Cotton wool for professions where it is possible to switch from one business to another, for example, journalism. From Pitt remarkable sales managers with their love to development of new territories turn out (Pitta ran to master an untilled virgin soil, to pave the railroad and to bear education in masses ) . And here balanced and thorough Kapkhi best of all cope with work, assiduity, for example, accounts department gdetrebutsya.

Other example, nutritionist . Knowledge of features of digestion of each of types - a basis of correctly picked up diet. For example, of Cotton wool are characterized by low digestion of nutrients owing to longer intestines. Their insignificant muscle bulk does them extremely harmonous if not to tell, thin. Therefore food has to be intensive. However it is necessary to remember importance of physical activities, a significant amount of protein (which normal goes for construction of the muscles collapsing at loading) in the absence of muscular work begins is removed by kidneys which do not cope with such loading, and finally pathology of kidneys develops.

The body of Pitta is characterized by the increased heat generation, and the greatest number of energy gives protein therefore its quantity in a diet should be reduced, having shifted focus on dairy - rastitelno - a carbohydrate diet. Pitta are very vigorous and to keep the ease on rise components of food have to be acquired easily so milk porridges with oil, vegetables, fruit are ideally suited Pittam.

And here Kapkham should moderate consumption of carbohydrates (i.e. buns - cheese cakes, vegetables, fruit etc.) as they in itself are easily acquired, and in combination with the increased ability Kapkh to soak up nutrients from any products lead to a bigger zhiroobrazovaniye. Are necessary to them it is long the digested products, i.e. proteins, and protein of fish as it is easier acquired is better. And here (nuts, bean) it is better not to use vegetable proteins as their amino-acid structure very much differs from human and complicates digestion. The protein as close as possible to human is best of all acquired (it is only not necessary to take this phrase literally and to consider as an appeal to a cannibalism!) .

So if you see to Kapkh, courageously absorbing tomatoes with cucumbers in attempt to lose weight, take away from her this mix and give a piece of meat or fish. It is possible even for the night as at night the somatotropny hormone of a hypophysis splitting proteins actively works.

Other category of beneficiaries of knowledge " language; a constitution psychotherapists , for example, for the choice of technology of hypnosis are . If Cotton wool easily give in to suggestion, then here over Pittami it is necessary will work. Usually apply fractional hypnosis when relaxation is alternated to small loading (4 - 5 cycles) to them, at the same time each following relaxation becomes more and more deep that allows to carry out suggestion more effectively.

Features of a metabolism of each dosha demand of an individual approach to physical activity that should be considered to the trainer. For example, definition best of all approaches Vatam: To feed as a cow, to drive as a horse and here it is better for them to avoid long extensions. Unlike Pitt which best of all suit extensions and a cyclic shavasana (a loading combination to rest). Kapkham yogis recommend to alternate an extension to tension.

Speaking about advantage for the person, it is hardly possible to overestimate knowledge of features of own body. Allows to understand Prakriti and Vitakriti`s understanding that if you by nature Kapkh, then on what diets you sat, never to become you Cotton wool and vice versa. And here if by nature you Cotton wool, and your appearance indicates the opposite - it is an alarm signal and it is necessary to study attentively the reasons of the arisen completeness (it can be also endocrine violations, and as we already spoke above, incorrectly picked up contraceptives etc.) .

For a dessert I offer you the unpretentious scheme of an assessment of Prakriti , that is natural type of a constitution, or a dosha.

You will need to measure: growth, weight, a wrist grasp, breast volume (average situation between a breath and an exhalation), scope of hands (it is measured lying on a centimetric tape, on the ends of middle fingers).

Further everything is simple.

Pitt: scope of hands is equal to growth (with a margin error 0,5 cm), a wrist grasp at women 15 - 17, at men 16 - 18, an index N = growth - (weight + a thorax grasp) 10 - 30.

Cotton wool: scope of hands is more than growth, a wrist grasp at women less than 15, at men less than 16, an index N = growth - (weight + a thorax grasp) more than 30.

Kapkh: scope of hands is less than growth, a wrist grasp at women more than 17, at men more than 18, an index N = growth - (weight + a thorax grasp) less than 10.

Having learned approximately to define dosh, you can expect psychological features of behavior of the person, in other words, will know that to expect from the acquaintance. However, you should not run with fanaticism on the city, to point a finger at people and to shout: Pitt! Cotton wool! Kapkh! . Remember that governed for this purpose and exist that from them there were exceptions. Having seized constitution language you obtain additional information to reflection that surely has to be supported with data and from other sources.

The full picture is a look from all directions, large-scale and complex research. And it means that you surely will need to seize also others " languages; for example, allegorical and phraseological languages, erotic language, animal language and language of animals, artificial language and language of art

Be continued.