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Why to an organism copper? The twenty ninth element

dealt With calcium. And why to an organism copper (Latin Cuprum)? From the school program oxides of this metal are known. The science proves that it was very first of all metals which the person learned to restore from oxygen connections. Malachite, bornite, native copper... Malleable and soft metal, being oxidized, becomes covered by a patina. Why it to the person?

It appears, without this metal we will not be able to live! Together with vitamins and amino acids this twenty ninth element of periodic Mendeleev`s system participates in a metabolism of a human body. Promotes supply of cages with oxygen, participates in formation of erythrocytes and hemoglobin. Helps with digestion of proteins and carbohydrates, increases activity of insulin, increases immunity. But here an ill luck - such important element the organism has to receive daily from the outside - with food, water or through skin.

About water clear - passed through copper pipes, water arrives the copper enriched with ions. And what products contain this necessary element? Grain cereals, meat, fish, seeds of sunflower and poppy, nuts, liver and oysters. Pumpkin and egg yolk, mushrooms and bean. And leaves and a root of a ginseng contain the highest percent of copper among all plants.

Daily the person needs to deliver 1,5 - 3 mg of copper in the organism., It seems, everything is clear - eat more above-mentioned products, and will be healthy! But not everything is so simple. The organism can acquire only 5 - 10% of the copper arriving with food. And from - for its shortages serious indispositions begin - the head hurts, long depressions begin, immunity decreases, and as a result any viral disease can beat out for a long time from a rhythm of usual life.

The long lack of copper of an organism as a result of improper feeding and unbalanced diets can lead to serious diseases - asthma, psoriasis, bronchitis, glaucoma, osteoporosis, diabetes and bronchitis. At many already available diseases, such as cancer, gastritis, stomach ulcer, cirrhosis, need of an organism for copper sharply increases.

The lack of copper at once affects intellectual and physical activity.

There are many different ways of maintenance of balance of copper in an organism. From a copper bracelet to dietary supplements. From folk remedies to modern nanotechnologies. In old times copper treated epilepsy, an anemia, removed worms. Remember old pictures - smiths surrounded themselves with a copper wire and at their hard work never had radiculitises.

Pierce fresh apple a copper wire, leave it for the night. Eat on an empty stomach in the morning. The daily requirement of copper is guaranteed to you.

The copper five-copeck coin attached to a bruise or a hematoma very quickly helps to kill pain, practically there is never bruise. All of us checked it on ourselves in the childhood. One more national method perfectly takes off fatigue of legs. In a tray you pour warmish water, you add 1 - 2 tablespoons of salt and you lower several copper five-copeck coins or a bunch of a copper wire on a bottom. In 20 minutes you walk dry. Under heels you put on a five-copeck coin, you put on clean socks and you sleep with them all night long. For the morning you will be vigorous and full of strength!

Ancient way of treatment of fever. The copper five-copeck coin was heated to redness, thrown into a vessel with hot water and allowed to drink to the patient on one tablespoon three times a day.

At heartaches place a copper disk or a five-copeck coin in a subclavial pole. Fix by a plaster and wear several days. Pain will gradually leave. The same method is good also for those who already had a heart attack.

At a headache apply a five-copeck coin to temples. In 15 - 20 minutes pain passes without any tablets. At any pains copper disks put on a sore point. Copper works without interruption within 2 weeks. Then it is necessary to allow to it to have a rest. At this time it is possible to use other copper disks.

However copper treats not all. It is very simple to check it - apply a dry pure copper five-copeck coin to skin. If coupling goes, the five-copeck coin keeps - copper will treat you. If is not present - alas! Happens that on different sites of skin different coupling with this metal. Means, your some bodies copper treats, and some is not present.

In any treatment the measure is good. Poisoning with copper is extremely rare, but nevertheless happens. Be not overzealous! Wilson`s illness (a copper illness) is extremely dangerous. But you, of course, will not earn it by five-copeck coins from a body.

Good luck!