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To you thirty, and you is not married?

will come the most beautiful and most fantastic holiday Soon - New year. And though New Year`s Eve vanity did not begin yet, but people already begin to think of how they will carry out a New Year`s Eve what gifts will give to the relatives and darlings. Women already thumb through glossy magazines at last to decide on the choice of a dress in which will fascinate the men.

You think - and here New year? Why the name does not correspond to article? Yes just New year is often designated a family holiday. A holiday which needs to be spent at home in the bosom of the family. Here only not all have it. And on holidays the loneliness is felt especially strongly.

Many unmarried women doubly treat holidays. On the one hand, there is an excess occasion to meet friends, to have fun, show a new dress, a new hairdress, and on the other hand - melancholy. When the young woman goes on a party, she subconsciously hopes that today there will be something special that perhaps exactly today she will meet the prince. And sometimes so occurs.

But more often happens differently: girlfriends accompanied by husbands or fight - friends, and it such beautiful, but such lonely on this holiday. And when she comes back home, to her at best is sad, and in the worst she roars as a beluga.

The above about you? To you already 30, and you is not married? And reason such injustice to you it is not known?

Then, perhaps, among the below-mentioned reasons you will find the:

1. You too want to marry.

of the Man are afraid of such women. It is not necessary to say on the first appointment about how you love children and you dream to have three. Dull his vigilance, having told, for example, that in the next 5 years you are not going to get married. He will calm down and, perhaps, will share the plans for the future.

2. You did not notice how you became for the men surrounding you the as the guy with whom it is possible to discuss any subject, even to talk about the relations with women. But - with others, and you that are not perceived. Perhaps it is time to declare itself? How? For a start to replace a hairdress and to change jeans for a dress. The drop of perfume, an easy make-up - and, perhaps, someone from them will begin to see clearly.

3. You are very self-confident. It seems to you that such woman as you, it is worthy the unusual man. And therefore you too captiously choose to whom to entrust such prize. Perhaps it is time to go down on the earth and to look round?

4. You too crucially treat other girls in the presence of the man. At this leg curves, this should throw off kilograms 10, and this in general dressed up as silly woman . You want that he understood that you are much more beautiful, cleverer, more slender. That against these gray mice to look the goddess. But believe if this is true, then he and without your help will notice a difference. So you should not resemble on aunt eternally nibbling sunflower seeds at an entrance and criticizing passersby. Especially it is impossible to criticize its former. It does not paint and in general can cause reaction, the return that for which you hoped.

5. You meet the married man who is going to report to the wife about divorce... years five. Well here you will tell? It is necessary to throw this bog, for the present five years did not pass.

6. You too constraining, shy, correct - in a word boring. No, the modesty, of course decorates, but bright and cheerful, and sometimes even the naughty girl will draw attention quicker. Men love cheerful, with sense of humour and extraordinary. And, however, who such does not love?

7. You are deprived of a coquetry at all. It seems to you a sign of the readily available girl. But believe, the woman has to be a few coquette, it causes interest in the man - and what will be farther? . And here to allow to learn it or not - to solve to you.

8. You too defiantly show that you the strong woman. From such quickly run away. The man has to feel like the man near you, but not the appendix. Strength of the woman in her weakness.

9. You have no time for private life. Work, house, work. You can take papers home for the weekend, can to hang at office till 21 evenings. Admit to yourself - and whether it is valid you the workaholic? And can do it just good excuse: What private life, I work so much! Perhaps it is worth coming off the monitor and papers sometimes. At least to derive pleasure from life.

10. To you laziness to change the settled tenor of life. Yes, you want a family, of course, that as at all. But as you will present - the husband who should make every day a breakfast, diapers, pots, visits of policlinic, in a garden, in school, borsch for lunch. Nightmare! If you so argue, then or you are very lazy, or simply are not ready to family life. Walk on park or you descend in cafe where come with children and observe mummies. Sometimes this show touches and there is a wish to plunge into the atmosphere of motherhood, to feel this warm smell of the kid and to hear long-awaited mother .

Of course, you should not dig constantly in yourself, but will not prevent to reflect sometimes. And, above all, do not do from this a global problem. As A. Sviyash, " speaks; do not create idealization . It is possible and it is even necessary to dream, but it is not necessary to go in cycles. Instead find interesting occupation which will allow you to communicate with other people, including with men, for example, a gym. By the way, there you benefit also for the figure.

I knew girls who came to the bar where play billiards, with the purpose to get acquainted. At first they observed, then asked the pleasant young man to teach game. Some as learned to play, so were fond that they forgot the true reason of the visit to this bar. And then came already simply to play billiards. And during this period when the girl did not look at the present men appraisingly when in eyes there was no concern in search of the partner any more, many of them found to themselves satellites.

And still: do not think of yourself - I am lonely think - I am free . And it is possible to find many pluses in this freedom. Life is so fine and surprising. And your freedom will help you to see and learn a lot of things that sometimes difficult when there are small children. So enjoy freedom, so far there is opportunity. Such approach will help you to avoid that idealization will help to relax. And here then in your life surely there will be something good, it cannot but occur, you will be open for this purpose.