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Why Third time`s the charm ? About popularity of a prime number

the Ancient Greek mathematician Nikomakh at the beginning of our era composed Introduction to arithmetics in which claimed: unit is reason, good, harmony, happiness and at the same time matter, darkness, chaos; it unites even with odd and female with man`s. Two are the beginning of an inequality, contradiction; it is opinion because in opinion meet truth lie, three are the first real number as it has the beginning, the middle and the end and therefore there is a number perfect .

the Three so often appeared in signs and beliefs, as further haunted scientific minds. So, J. C. Croce in 1627 published the book which and was called - " in Bologna; II tre (Three), in it the proverbs and sayings connected with this number were collected. Sebastian Gutknekht soon after that (1635) made the report Omne Trinum perfectum. Geistliche Erklarung des gemeinen Sprichwortes: Aller guten Dingen Drey - in translation from Latin and German this subject sounds so: All perfection of a troichnost. Religious interpretation of a well-known proverb: all good happens on three .

World religions did not ignore this number too. In Christianity it is the Holy Trinity: God the Father, God the Son and Holy Spirit; three gifts of magicians to Christ as God, the Tsar and the Atoning sacrifice, three images of Transformation, three Peter`s denials of Christ, three crosses on Golgotha, three phenomena after death, three virtues - Belief, Nadezhda, Lyubov.

In the Cabbala the three designates understanding, trinity of the man`s and female beginnings and the mutual understanding uniting them. In Trimurti`s Hinduism - the ternary power of creation, destruction and preservation. In the Japanese tradition Three Sacred Treasures are presented, emperors of the country had the regalia corresponding to these shrines: iron mirror of Yat - but - Kagami, a necklace from Yakasani jewels - but - Magatama and a sword of Kusanagi. And they meant truth, courage and compassion. Three Treasures called by Three more Sources admitted China too: a jing (a seed - essence), tsi (internal energy), shen (spirit). Three Jewelry are the cornerstone of the Buddhism: Buddha, Dharma, i.e. The law opened brightened up and Sangkh - a community of carriers of the Law.

Well, and we how many we will be able to remember national expressions in which the number three is used? That in three pines to get lost, and from songs though for three seas, - probably all remember. And that between promising and performing, a man can marry his daughter - too. And God, as we know, loves a Trinity. It is unclear, as it is possible to cry in three streams either to bend double, or to talk nineteen to the dozen, but nevertheless, these verbal turns exist many centuries, without losing popularity in folk speech.

A how many folklore sources narrate about three desires, three attempts, three tests, three brothers / sisters / fairies / athletes, dragons about three heads...

French speak: Where there are two, there will be three meaning that one repetition will be followed by all means by another. And here Chinese declare another: If to repeat the good speech three times, even dogs will have a disgust . Wisely, you will tell nothing.

In cultural tradition of all people of the world the three takes a place of honor. Why? It is the cornerstone of the universe: since the most ancient times people everywhere recognized its troichnost made Heavenly, Terrestrial and Underground by the worlds.