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What is celebrated on Thanksgiving Day, or Cat`s pleasures of

were Glanced here by me recently in the combined Calendar of Holidays project and suddenly it became clear that about Thanksgiving Day I somehow knew a little. Well actually, knew nothing except that it takes place in the fall and that on it a turkey is eaten.

Fortunately, mankind already invented the Internet. Read that is written in the Calendar - and became a little cleverer. It is possible to take an interest in other sources and to learn that:

Pilgrims were expected by improbable difficulties. Weak equipment unknown local conditions, poor stocks of the food led to the fact that more than a half of colonists in the first winter died from cold, hunger and a scurvy. It seemed, the colony is doomed, but the Indians living in the neighbourhood came to the rescue. They taught settlers to sow a maize and tobacco, peas and beans, pumpkin and vegetable marrows, to make maple sugar. In the fall the rich crop

was reaped and stocks for the winter are made. It became clear - the colony survived. Pilgrims saw in it finger of God . As a sign of gratitude the grandiose holiday - a feast to which also close friends - Indians were invited was arranged to God. The holiday was called Thanksgiving Day over time it turned into a national holiday of the USA, and since 1863 according to the decision of the president Lincoln (or Washington? Well it is unimportant) its began to celebrate each last Thursday of November.

(N. Gorovskaya, " magazine; Range 8 / 1999).

There now, already somehow more clear. It became more live somehow... Of course, it is good that its direct participants, i.e. the employees and authors of ShZh living in the USA told about this holiday. Such is? What now new increased to traditions? What interesting stories occurred? And that everything Helluvin da Helluvin.


They reaped the first crop too late therefore stocks for the winter appeared insufficiently. The next fall pleased immigrants with a rich harvest of corn, barley, beans, pumpkins. To share the pleasure, to thank Indians and to uplift praise to God for finding of the new homeland, settlers arranged a holiday and invited the leader of the local tribe and 90 Indians. Indians brought with themselves is red - brown turkeys whom fried on a fire. Since then the fried turkey became a traditional festive dish for Gratitude. (We prepare. Ru, the author is not specified).

I still:

Up to that moment the festive dinner almost always includes something in Thanksgiving Day from those dishes which moved on the first festive feast: fried turkey, cranberry sauce, potatoes, pumpkin pie. Before starting a meal, whether it be in the bosom of the family or among friends, it is accepted to uplift gratitude for these gifts including for pleasure of a meeting on a holiday case.

(The American holidays on the website In total about the USA ) .
I, as always, smoothly and reasonably pass

of Thanksgiving Dinner with

A to painting. Subject: American painting. Somehow I had to read on one literary website a certain polemic - naturally, about Spirituality - Inspirituality about what. Well, who was declared by the Spirituality Carrier and who a scandalous dullness and protoplasm - I think, it is not necessary to explain, otherwise article from a format of the glossy magazine will become sharply - polemic satire and slander . I will also not be. I will tell only that proklamator of the American inspirituality, in particular, reasoned it with that argument that in the USA there is no painting. What especially with pleasure is that writing just emigrated from celestial spheres of Spirituality to abysses of Consumerism and the World of the Jungle of the Capital, and was not going to come back to sources somehow. Decided to convict directly from there. Without coming off active consumption.

I just ofonaret with happiness intellectually to contemplate the apologist of spirituality who managed not to notice such enormous, fine and richest phenomenon as the American painting. So was delighted that could not even object it - because no software will sustain the comment in which it would be possible to describe shortly what is the American painting. Therefore the author of such opening - widely known in narrow circles of the wife and mother-in-law russko - the American writer - and remained in belief that painting ended in Fedotov`s picture Courtship of the major and I think, to it is good and comfortable there. But other people absolutely do not deserve it.

It I to what? To the fact that I love the American painting. Though even approximately I will not undertake to give its general characteristic, so it enormous and different genres, but here I will pull out her certain representatives on the general osmotreniye, and I will even hope that the audience will like, will estimate and (you never can tell) will comment. Because I, despite the external malignancy and the acting teeth, love sensible comments and responses too.

Yesterday favourite Charles Wysocki caught sight to me long ago - and at once there was a wish to share with the people. A genre to which it belongs, called primitivism or art naive (the second name is lovelier to me). It has both American landscapes, and genre scenes, and historical cloths. But the most sincere and delightful, the real diamond of naive art are his CATS.

Kotolyuba and other felinofila will just stand with pleasure, and those who (due to a misunderstanding) with cats and cats did not fall in love yet - by all means will fall in love after viewing. And for Thanksgiving Day cats for certain will get tasty pieces of a juicy turkey!

So (drumbeat): happiness from cats of the name Charles Wysocki!

Absolutely big it is possible to look on the Chinese some website though there nothing is clear, but everything is large!