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What gifts are loved by Maidens?

In each zodiac sign are distinctive features. At each sign - the elements. Maidens (on August 24 - on September 23) are under the auspices of Earth. The sign is practical, the toiler`s sign. Not for nothing on all ancient images of this constellation represented the maiden with a grass bunch in hands.

The maiden - the thinker, she through work and experience tries to comprehend meaning of life for the rest of the natural. Cones in hands of the symbolical maiden - generosity through experience.

The accuratest and thorough zodiac sign. Takes nothing on trust, all needs to be checked and estimated, having passed through itself. Both in affairs, and in an environment loves an order. The maiden - not the martyr, at her is enough mind in time to refuse. It does it very firmly, sometimes rigidly, but it is always fair. To it it is impossible to be indifferent - it or love, admire it, or hate and envy.

The short characteristic of a sign opens her preferences in gifts. Maidens love practical and necessary things. They sometimes are even reproached with meanness that, of course, cannot but offend. Therefore the most correct at the choice of gift is to address directly the Maiden. Direct conversation, of course, will deprive of a syurpriznost and surprises. Therefore it is necessary to make it very thinly, to lead the conversation on something neutral and to listen attentively.

The maiden will always note refined simplicity of a gift and distinguished elegance of its presentation. These representatives of a change of summer - are very sensitive fall to details. The most attentive sign. If you want to win the heart of the Maiden - make it elegantly.

The maiden is very organized, present her something like that that will help it to remain same accurate. It can be the laptop, the daily log, a beautiful calendar, a leather suitcase or a business toilet bag.

The weak place of the Maiden - her stomach. Therefore be accurate with donation of food and alcohol. Best of all than other signs Maiden the health protects, perfectly knows that it is possible for it and what it is worth refraining from. Therefore tasty gifts can be given only in case of exact information on her preferences. Any experiments!

Any gift surely has to bring benefit. Even if you can present any trifle - it has to be the trifle practical. A set for tea, to it in tone and on style - spoons, napkins. The Maiden has all on shelves, she will not put variegated ware on a table.

If you give some large household appliances, surely check existence of guarantees and seals. Packing has to be factory, pure, a box whole. For you it is a trifle? For the attentive Maiden - yours to it the relation! You buy the vacuum cleaner or the coffee maker - buy spare filters at once. The gratitude of the Maiden will not have borders!

Any gift has to be sustained in style of your Maiden. Romantic Maidens will be grateful to you for a modest bouquet of flowers. Only flowers have to be the very first freshness. The slightest negligence in a bouquet will nullify all your efforts. She surely will notice it!

Business Maidens love severity and elegance. You give a gift for the businessman - respectively, and the bouquet has to be sustained in this style. Here magnificent and volume compositions will not go.

The maiden - the practician and always approximately knows what he can count on. However it is always ready to surprises. Of course, pleasant. To win the heart of the Maiden - great art. If you manage it - triumph a victory. As well as any other representative Zodiaka, the Maiden will surely tell of the secret desires in private conversation. It is more difficult to cause it on such frankness. Near it you will be able to become more organized and to develop a delicate taste.

The Maiden will almost always state discontent concerning an undesirable gift. Sooner or later. Or admiration if you are able to please it in it. Such here predictable zodiac sign! Quiet and stable life is important for them.

What will be pleasant to the Maiden can cause bewilderment and even disgust in any other sign. Therefore it is so important to know these features of all representatives of a sign. Eventually, it will surely add to you pluses in the opinion of your friends or darlings.

Give to the Maiden the necessary gifts!

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