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What is " latte factor; and how on it is mute it is possible to save?

Coffee of latte do of a large amount of the shaken-up hot milk and small amount of coffee. Coffee of latte has beige color and is served not in a cup, and in a tall glass .

Well and that? Coffee and coffee. Latte and latte. What does it have to do with a factor and still economy? And here at what.

This term entered in the book The Millionaire - automatically David Bach, having shown as daily, imperceptible and habitual expenditure (in the book it is dismissed proceeding from 5 dollars a day and 25%godovykh) for coffee - latte within 40 years could become about one million dollars. And the term " latte factor; it is applied already everywhere. It is what we spend money for and other resources without any advantage (in fact, simply we throw out, buying all trifles ) and that is especially artful, practically we do not notice these habitual expenses .

Adjusted for the Russian reality, even at the time of today`s financial crisis, this statistics (at the rate of economy of 150 rubles a day and investments under 10% per annum), by calculations of investclub. info, looks approximately so:

150 rub a day = 1050 rub a week = 4500 rub in the moon. In case of investment of 4500 rub in the moon at the rate of 10% per annum (not the most transcendental rate)

in 1 year you will already have 56 550 rub;

in 2 years - 119 000 rub;

in 5 years - 348 500 rub;

in 10 years - 921800 rub;

in 15 years - 1 865 130 rub;

in 30 years - 10172 200 rub;

in 40 years - 28 458 330 rub

Who did not guess, moon - it is calendar month, but not lunar.

So, refusal of one cup of coffee in day and departure of this money for competent investment (it is not obligatory in an action, there are also other types of investment, for example, into health and self-education) easily will make you the millionaire within some forty years! And it is possible, and much quicker!

However to enter ecstasy from every possible economy, especially on the most necessary products, goods and services obviously not the St ó it. But to define unnecessary trifles for which money and other resources, St ó are habitually spent; it it is unambiguous. And it is possible to reconsider habitual expenditure not only on having a snack products and goods for the house but also habitual expenditure for the car, rest and many other things.

My family, for example, spent about one thousand rubles a month on usual plastic packages!! Now and I, both the wife, and the mother-in-law, and the daughter always carry accurately put package in a pocket. New did not cease to buy, of course, but expenses significantly decreased.

And in the attentive, thoughtful analysis it is always possible to find not only monetary " latte factor; but also, for example, temporary or nervous . Simple cleaning indoors, washing, shopping less than usually can be an example. Generally, a scope for the creative imagination huge, huge!

I know, it for many sounds blasphemously, but even during an illness it is possible to save not bad if not to buy on a habit those drugs, which push to us TV commercial or the doctors receiving the percent from realization of drugs on the nominal recipe in the next drugstore and to think, estimate, rummage on the Internet. So, when I was bitten by a poisonous spider instead of at once taking the French medicine unknown to me which the local paramedic for " tried to sell; only 800 rubles I decided to wait a little slightly though I had such money. Also did not lose. Purchase of components of this medicine in a local drugstore cost me only a little more than 20 rubles (for this purpose I spent for information search on the Internet about 20 minutes). The difference is huge!

Of course, nobody wants to pass among the environment for the person, saving on packages and the " coffee; but who to you prevents to think up a plausible legend about prescribed you to a beskofeyny diet ? And rejection of plastic bags can be proved by care of ecology easily. Plastic bags too pollute environment, isn`t it? Hardly anyone - that will not agree with this statement. The disorder in the apartment can always be justified with employment if you got used to justify youselves before someone And protchy, protchy, protchy

I so on a chain, take care of the pence, the pounds will take care of themselves, rublik to a rublik, money to money

Only do not forget, please, about sense of proportion.