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Whether it is possible to remain one phrase in the history of cinema?

on October 21, 1928, 80 years ago, in Leningrad the spouse of modest, but very perspective student from Tataria Zinyat Muratov gave birth to the boy who was called Radner. However, this elaborate name and remained in a metrics and in the passport, and all family, relatives and friends called it just Radiky.

Years of study at Muratov - the senior flew by quickly, he returned to native Tatarstan where began with the secretary of a district committee of party, but quickly climbed an office ladder and several years later held a post about which, being a student, and he could not dream: became the first secretary of regional committee of All-Union Communist Party (bolsheviks) of TACCP. Thus, Radik since the childhood lived, one may say, in clover. It had all the boy of his time could only dream of, but the main thing - the father listened to the beloved son, and then that decided to become a pilot (who then did not dream to lift in the sky planes as Valery Chkalov or brave pilots - polar explorers).

Instead of the sky - a stage of theater By then as Radik studied in the senior classes of usual school, the Great Patriotic War burst in

. Nice victories of the Soviet pilots, Pokryshkin`s feats, Kozheduba and thousands of other air experts only strengthened Muratov`s desire - younger. Having convinced that it is not a whim, Zinyat Muratov arranged 15 - the summer son in the Kazan special school of the Air Force from which Radik graduated if it is not brilliant, then is quite decent. And on this occasion he asked for leave at the father to go to the capital. However, Zinyat did not release one son, but when prepared for business trip to the capital - took with himself and him.

So far the father went about the own business, the son only also did that walked across Moscow. Time was very interesting: a little more than two years ago victoriously the Great Patriotic War came to the end, and everything, figuratively speaking wakened to life: theaters, cinema... On one of curbstones on which glued posters (their Radik liked to consider) he found out the modest announcement that the set in the VGIK is made.

Without consulting on the father, he went and filed documents to institute of cinematography. Son of the first secretary of party actor? - the father was indignant in the evening. I will Not dissuade, but remember - whatever it happened, you have to arrive so that not to soil a surname

In some measure Radik was lucky. It was taken not from - for the fact that it had bright actor`s qualities, and just because at institute young men and girls of Slavic appearance prevailed, and representatives of other nationalities were practically not. Those who are more senior, remember that they in higher educational institutions in Soviet period of representatives of federal republics accepted most often not on knowledge, and at will - and even the term was such: quota of ethnic minorities (no offense meant).

It was taught by Romm and Yutkevich to

But Radik was lucky at least that the famous directors - Mikhail Romm and Sergey Yutkevich became his teachers. They managed to awaken ardent desire in Muratov to study. The son of the father did not dishonor - he graduated from the VGIK in 1951 with honors and was employed in the State theater of the film actor.

But here the standing roles to it not threw very long. Its first incidental works at cinema - in movies Composer Glinka The Outpost in mountains and The Athlete goes to Marto were so insignificant that they are not even included in the actor`s filmography. And whether Radik could count on a serious role in the autobiographical picture Composer Glinka ?

The first it more - less neskolkominutny the role happened four years later after the termination of the VGIK when shot the movie Maxim Perepelitsa . Here to it entrusted to play a small role of the modest soldier Taksirov (the army was, perhaps, the most multinational institute), and Radik`s phrase - Any you are not a commander became nearly winged

Unfortunately, and in theater it got only bit parts. In literature of the 19th century Tatars got roles unless janitors, gamblers and different color of deceivers, but not to play to the son of the first secretary of regional committee of the card sharper or even the janitor?! Besides, at the end of 50 - x Theatre of the film actor closed from at all - for lack of worthy repertoire

However, several years later theater restored and at cinema there was a role which subsequently Radik considered as the best in a film career - Tatar Zagirov, the gambler who often shirked work. In this movie Muratov proved in all beauty, it is a pity that it is practically not shown on television today.

Horses instead of a family

Not really - that also private life of the actor developed. In the beginning he lived some time a civil marriage with a rising star of domestic cinema Izolda Izvitska. But heart of the beauty was inclined to changes, soon Izolda was fond of Eduard Bredun and got over to it. And Muratov undersigned with the actress of Theatre of the film actor Elena who even gave birth to it to the son Leonid. But between two actors there has to be a mad love and the complete trust, they quite seldom should be together: tours, shootings.

All this, obviously, between Radik and Elena was not. Somehow, vozvratyas from the scheduled tours, Elena declared to the husband: I cannot live so longer what the family is? You here, I there . By and large, they just cooled down to each other. To be fair it is necessary to tell that decades later the son Leonid came to the father broken by an illness, brought to him packages with humanitarian aid . But Radik threw out these packages, without opening: You hint that I am the beggar? .

However, friends said that at all not the cooled-down feeling was the cause for parting - Radik very strongly was fond of a hippodrome, staked, and, most often large and it is not absolutely successful. To live with the player worse than ever!

Frunzik refused in favor of Radik

Star Vasily Alibabayevich`s role in a comedy film Gentlemen of good luck came to Muratov if it is not casual, then precisely on large luck. The matter is that the role of the swindler diluting gasoline with asinine urine was initially written under Frunzik Mkrtchyan. And Muratov was invited to a role of the chief of prison. But Radik became stubborn and told: Either Vasily Alibabayevich, or anybody!

Alexander Sery, the director of a picture, was a person with a habit, besides had behind shoulders trip . It was better for it to know who the chief of prison and who the swindler. But circumstances interfered: Mkrtchan had anniversary, to it gave the rank the people`s artist of the USSR and in the Yerevan theater it persuaded to refuse a role: Such honored artist and suddenly - the swindler .

Decided to try stubborn Muratova. It appeared, this role as though under it a pisan! And its phrase: And in prison now the dinner, macaroni give it was jammed to holes, did not quote it only lazy

Unfortunately, this role brought Muratova only popularity, but did not become a signal for other directors. All - not really willingly called its at cinema for the leading roles. Unless roles of the chess player in the comedy Leonid Gaidai 12 chairs or the militiaman in the comedy Cannot be or a polivalshchik in Incorrigible liar it is possible to call star? It is rather - incidental. And though gradually the list of works of dews, but Muratov was remembered only according to Vasily Alibabayevich worse is not present

, than loneliness in old age

Lonely wolf - so most often called among themselves Muratov, gradually grew old, besides on him sores, in particular Alzheimer`s disease pulled hard. Muratov sometimes left the house and forgot where it should come back. He lived in poverty, but as I already told, did not allow even to the son to feed up .

Further - it is more: at Muratov problems with eyes began, right in general went blind. Radik began to avoid people, practically did not meet journalists. In 2000 he had a stroke and when came back home from hospital, began to sell slowly the things that though somehow to live. Eventually - it did not have neither furniture, nor the refrigerator, nor the TV, he slept on the door removed from loops.

And then Muratov became to be lost on the street in increasing frequency. Once militiamen did not learn in the person of the famous actor who this is torn off, grown old, they picked up him on the street and brought to a psychiatric clinic. Fortunately, there Muratov was recognized and brought to usual hospital where he and was overtaken by the second stroke from which he did not manage to recover.

On December 10, 2004 Radner Muratov died. He is buried on Nicolo - Arkhangelsk a cemetery in Moscow. On its grave there is more than modest monument on which are beaten out only a surname, a name, a middle name and dates of life. And words that he is an actor

So there passes the human glory