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Whether we will find a way to truth?

Author Maltese Jew called religion children`s toy also claimed that there is no sin, except ignorance . Whether means it that he was an atheist and the atheist how his enemies claimed?

This statement especially is strange that, unlike works of other Elizabethans, Marlo and Shakespeare`s texts are through penetrated by quotes and hints from the Bible.

In Sonnets too it is possible to find them.

In the sonnet 121 authors speak: I am that I am - I am the one who I am is .

These words - a name of God. When Jesus called so himself, he was accused of blasphemy.

And all sonnet is devoted to accusers and slanderers who judge the poet of the curve measure as Pharisees once judged Christ.

In the sonnet 104 it is told about three years .

My friend, you do not grow old for me,

Though passed the whole three winters

From that charming day,

When forever we met .
with Marlo`s

it was killed on 30 - m to year of life, 30+3 = 33 - Christ`s age.

We will return to pyramidal structure of sonnets.

In a pyramid we can find a cross. Its vertical is formed by sonnets 9, 113 and 154, and the horizontal passes through the center. At the left and to the right of the central sonnet 113 sonnets 112 and 114 are located.

The sonnet 112 reminds both an appeal of the apostle Pavel to die for the world, and Jesus`s word that it is dead for all, except loving it:

The World became extinct for me - to it I am deaf:

You for me both sight, and hearing

And in the sonnet the 114th author remembers about a bowl in Garden of Gethsemane:

Let in a bowl poison, but an eye will expiate a sin

The fact that he will drink it before all .
Sonnets 55 and 56 are located

precisely in the center 4 - y lines, and lines 55 and 56 finish the 4th sonnet.

4 - the number symbolizing a cross, and also quantity of gate of the Temple of Solomon through which Hiram and three his murderers entered.

So, we see two levels of the description. The first level is intended for usual mortal eyes, the second - for immortal and spiritual.

First level:

1. 20 - May 30, 1593. Marlo`s arrest, capture on bails, informers and perjurers, the report on death from blow in an eye in the presence of three witnesses, a funeral in an anonymous grave, squall of dirt and slander.

2. Sonnets were published on May 20, in them it is told about arrest, capture on bails, the informer and the perjurer, about death from a knife, about the vulgar scandal which set the seal to the author`s forehead about loss of an eye, an anonymous grave, slander and the reference.

Second level:

1. Legend of Hiram ( widow`s son ) killed by three mean pupils in blow of the hammer in an eye and buried in an anonymous grave. Dedication in a rank of the Master in which participants play roles of murderers.

Hiram was a builder Hrama of Solomon. Symbolical sense of this temple - creation internal, immortal Hrama who has to be stronger than a stone. After death of the master the Sacred Word was lost, and the temple remained unfinished. Hiram revived in 14 days.

2. Sonnets where the death, revival, the widow, finding of internal vision, creation of an immortal monument from the Word which is fated to endure marble, copper and tyrants is mentioned.

Shakespeare, tremendous with a spear appeared in 14 days after Marlo`s death (and in 12 days after his funeral).

So, author Maltese Jew and Sonnets was not an atheist, but the mystic. He called children`s toy limited truth the orthodoxes recognizing only the one and only right doctrine and rejecting all others as heresy and paganism. Together with the colleagues on To School of night he looked for the Knowledge overcoming ignorance and hidden in heart of all true religious doctrines.

And if dreams of titans of the Renaissance of the future victory of reason and freedom of thought were carried out, then their dreams to overcome religious contention and to create the Temple of Spirit uniting original belief and original science, for the present and remain dreams. Religious doctrines are still at enmity among themselves, and the science is still alien to belief.

And it means that the great poet, the wise man and the Master outstripped not only the era, but also ours. It is possible for this reason its destiny is still covered with a gloom, and the temple of knowledge and remains incomplete.

Who knows what secrets are hidden in archives of the English intelligence? Many of them still remain inaccessible.

Perhaps, some keys to a riddle are hidden in archives of Italy? However still nobody tried to study records of the educated Italian patrons of that time. Archives of the Venetian family of Gonzago, patrons of sciences and arts, peacefully are based in library, and for 22 years nobody ever was interested in them.

Probably, time to unveil Isida did not come yet...

The official shekspirovedeniye considers as heresy any doubts in authenticity of authorship of the actor from Stratford, calling sceptics either pompous snobs, or mad conspiracy theorists. The scientific stronghold is so firm, as well as Ptolemaeus`s Universe.

But the invisible Master still looks from - for the scenes, and his blind eye sees a way to truth.