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What salt of copper brings success in love?

Malachite on a chemical composition are water carbonic salt of copper. Such unromantic designation of a fine stone! Far better his Greeks called: malakhis - hollyhock.

Color of malachite happens from light-green (turquoise) to darkly - green with black. Turquoise malachite is considered the most valuable - it is most beautiful after polishing.

In the ancient time considered that amulets from malachite bring success in love, are capable to help to cause reciprocal feeling in a passion subject. They were strongly recommended all lovers, unfortunate in love, and also to the girls wishing to marry. Amulets were made in the form of small figures or hearts, they needed to be carried at themselves and to concern, talking to the beloved or the candidate for husbands.

But the ring from malachite or a suspension bracket could make the same impact. The frame for the jewelry intended to help with love affairs, had to be made of silver. But on it wonderful properties of malachite are not settled.

In Egypt malachite was considered as the main stone of force, and it was carried by Pharaohs, considering that it promotes wisdom of board. Powder from malachite eyes treated, using it in the form of lotions. Was considered that malachite improves sight, and continuous carrying this stone promotes not only external visual acuity, but also internal - the owner of a stone is capable to begin to see clearly internal essence of things.

Magicians used malachite for communication with the highest energiya and for subconsciousness cleaning. For this purpose the stone with drawing in the form of concentric circles undertook ( target ) . It was placed on a chakra (on any which was chosen by the operator) and opened it for an energy stream. Was considered that such stones help work with third eye also strengthen gift of anticipation.

The amulet from malachite can protect from danger of the small child - telling it a power of love of mother and saving with her help. And if regularly to drink from a malachite bowl or is from a malachite plate, then language of animals will become available. Well, maybe, it is not absolutely available - in that measure in what we understand the human speech, but there will be a certain mutual understanding.

By means of the malachite which is put in order in copper it is possible to cure asthma and rheumatism. This stone makes soothing impact and treats spasms. The malachite pendent normalizes warm activity. The same impact is exerted by a ring with malachite if to carry it on the left hand.

During cholera epidemics malachite was used as the means protecting from an infection - carried as a mascot from an illness. In the east considered that malachite is capable to protect also from plague.

In the ancient time doctors recommended malachite even for internal reception: at some female diseases tiny doses of powder from malachite added to wine.

Malachite darkly - green color strengthens and supports spiritual powers of the owner. Not without reason jewelry of such malachite was worn by philosophers and scientists. For a long time jewelry of malachite was widespread. It also is not surprising - at it - that a set of merits!

Up to now antique malachite gems, for example, the Egyptian gem with a head of the goddess Izida reached. Did of malachite figurines, rings, earrings, suspension brackets, pendents, a beads, ware The solar disk from malachite which is put in order in copper was considered as the mascot bringing happiness.

And today malachite is capable to bring good luck. Green color of malachite makes salutary impact on an organism, improves mood and calms nerves. To use malachite as a demulcent, it needs to be put in order in silver. The frame from gold reduces salutary influence of a stone.

If you want to carry " malachite; for luck you remember that this stone absorbs energy and therefore grows dull and loses the force at prolonged use. That your malachite mascot was always efficient, it needs to be cleaned periodically. For cleaning it is enough to place a stone at several o`clock in water or on a sunlight.