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What connects Sonnets with pyramid of Cheops?

Blossoming of fashion fell on sonnets in England on 1580 - 1590 - e years. At this time numerical structures in addition of sonnets reached the highest level. The most difficult of them belong to two poets - to Shakespeare and Spencer.

The English philologist professor A. Fowler assumed that Shakespeare created sonnets as a certain monument. This concept finds reflection in sonnets:

Gravestones marble and cast

copper the sonnet Will endure mighty mine .

I to you in verses erected a monument .

My verse to you - my eternal mausoleum -

is stronger than tombs of tyrants of all colors . What

? The author points to it in the sonnet 123:

All pyramids of days only stuff of the past .

So, the author hints at communication of sonnets with a pyramid. How it is possible to find this communication? Fowler found the hint in the sonnet 136:

Among a number one is reckon`d none .

( Among numbers unit is considered zero ) .

So, one of sonnets can be cleaned, having reduced that their number by unit. Fowler and arrived, and it led him to a number of amazing opening.

We will begin one after another.

Number of sonnets - 154.


It is the pyramid height relation to a half of its perimeter. Having divided 22 on 7, we receive Pi`s number. Thus, if we spin which radius will be pyramid height, we will receive the circle equal to perimeter of its basis. The area of such circle with a radius of 7 is equal to 154. The sum of the areas 4 - x triangles which height is equal 7, and the basis - 11 is same. Thus, in proportions of a great pyramid something is put like a circle quadrature.

Having subtracted 1 of total number of sonnets (154), we will receive 153.

This number was commented by many - from Augustine to the known Italian numerolog of Pietro Bongo - and all agreed with what this number means revival to eternal life .

This the number meets in To the Egyptian book of the dead in heads How to avoid the " networks; and How to avoid the hunter of fishes and in the comment it is told that if to read these chapters at birthday of Osiris, then the dead will find eternal life and will not die any more.

And in the New Testament 153 - number of the fishes caught by Christ`s pupils then he promises them to make them hunters of chelovek.

This or one of the most amazing coincidence, or - the instruction on the secret doctrine of Christianity borrowed Ancient Egypt.

Besides, 153 - triangular number being the sum of all numbers from 1 to 17.

It is graphically possible to present it as the equilateral triangle consisting from layers : its basis numbers make the from 1 to 17, second layer - 18 - 34, etc. It is very remarkable in connection with Sonnets as the first 17 sonnets make a certain separate group in which the author urges the young friend to marry and leave posterity.

We will arrange sonnets by this principle. How number 153 is connected with proportions of the Great Pyramid?

Internal rooms of a pyramid are designed and built with the highest degree of accuracy. The biggest room in a pyramid is called Great Gallery. Height of gallery - 153 feet. Besides, quantity of rows of a stone laying from a floor to a ceiling of the Royal Hall - also 153.

Pyramid height - 280 elbows - is divided by border into two parts: 153 and 127. And the group of the sonnets devoted to the dark lady begins with the sonnet 127. It is female, or lunar, number. In Diana`s temple in the Hilt there were exactly 127 columns. Marriage between the machismo symbolized by number 153, and female, symbolized 127, meant space harmony.

The top of a triangle is made by 28 sonnets (28 - number of days of lunar month), povyashchenny the dark lady. They are preceded not by(with) the sonnet, but the poem from 12 lines in which there is a speech about the nature - the sovereign. 12 - one of the major magic numbers. It is enough to remember 12 zodiac signs and 12 apostles. After this poem in the first edition there were two lines of dots. Perhaps, they symbolized the emptiness and darkness preceding the entry into the temple The Dark goddess bearing light .

So the dark lady - not only the specific woman. This is the Dark Goddess, Isida, Hecate. Perhaps, therefore all attempts of Shakespearean scholars to find its real prototype were not crowned with success?

One more numerical compliance between sonnets and a pyramid was found by John Mitchell, the author of the book Who wrote Shakespeare? . It is connected with numbers 55 and 56.

Pyramid height = 280 elbows =56kh5=5kh (55+1). Now pyramid height - 555 because in it there is no top. Height of missing part =5 (we will remember incomplete work of Hiram).

Restoration of top in Masonic symbolics meant spiritual revival.

And now we will pay attention to sonnets 55 and 56:

In the sonnet 55 it is that all monuments and structures created from a stone are mortal and subject to destruction.

Mossy marble of regal graves

Will disappear before these loaded words which

B I your image kept.

K to them dust and dirt of centuries will not stick.

Let war will overturn statues,

Mutiny will dispel bricklayers the work .

B 56 the sonnet it is about the immortal and eternally reviving love.

About spirit of love, rise! Let appetite,

without becoming dull, again will return to me:

how I was full today,

With might and main hunger will develop for the next day.

Be you same! Now let your

Eyes stick together from satiation,

But tomorrow flare, my spirit of love,

Stupid overcome catalepsy!

O also the lines 55 and 56 finishing 4 - y tell the sonnet:

Fruitless beauty will die with you,

But having yielded a fruit, will remain live .

In the original it is told: unused and used . In the context of a pyramid these words speak about incompleteness and completeness, about incompleteness and completeness, about limitation of a lonely ego and infinity of original spirit.

In a pyramid are also present number 55 - 56. In big gallery 28 couples of inclined openings - in other words, 56 are located. However one of them is passed from - for the fact that on its place there is a tunnel. Thus, their of everything 55.

The philologist Peter Bull found in structure of sonnets one more remarkable feature.

The sonnet located in the center of a pyramid is the sonnet 113.

Without seeing You, an eye was installed my

In my spirit, and it does not promise udach; Light I confuse

to deceptive darkness.

Ya able to see only by sight, and not zryach .

This fine description of an eye of Gore. In the Egyptian myth it is told that Seth in a fight beat out to Gore the eye later restored by Isida. Some time Gore remained halfblind - it symbolizes aging and reduction of the Moon.

Masons call this eye Eye of Omniscience . An eye in the center of a pyramid - one of the most ancient Masonic symbols, and we can see it on Great American Press.

In a cabbala there is also a mention of an eye of Omniscience connected with number 113. In To the Book Suntan an eye of the Most ancient and the Holy is described. This description begins with the 113th line and sounds so: Eyes on the head of the Most ancient and the Holy are two in one, they always remain seeing and never fill up . to

It is interesting also that the sonnet 9 located in the center of the basis of a pyramid tells about moist eye of the widow .

Isida was Osiris`s widow. Hiram was called " too; widow`s son .

If we imagine that sonnets represent not just a pyramid, and Solomon`s star consisting of two triangles (man`s and female), then 9 - y the sonnet will appear at top of the female triangle connected with water.

In the sonnet 144 (12x12) it is told about two spirits :

So I live in power of spirits of two:

contradicts the Keeper my foe;

appears as the Man to me light spirit,

A the woman threatens me with eternal darkness .
we Will remember

that Yang is described as the man`s, light and dry beginning, Yin - as female, dark and damp.

And sonnets - fire and water come to the end with connection of two beginnings:

The spring is excited with love fire,

But to cool love it is powerless!