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Who such antiglobalists and what they demand?

Practically everything how many - nibud significant political actions do not take place without participation of antiglobalists. Their rough participation, protest actions accompany the most important meetings at the international level. On a nose the summit of NATO in Riga, and society (mass media, politicians, law enforcement agencies) is going to meet honourable guests, together with activists from Greenpeace.

Who they are such? The movement of antiglobalists is extremely non-uniform. Anarchists and neo-Nazis act as its shock wave. Both communists, and Che Guevara`s followers, defenders of environment occur among them. The majority is made by the youth organizations of nonviolent sense. Though it is impossible to underestimate character of antiglobalists - it is the aggressive current numbering several thousands of big and small divisions worldwide.

The antiglobalistic movement arose in 1994. The Mexican revolutionary subcomandante Marcos is considered his ideological inspirer. Marcos with his black mask on a face, infinite letters to the world community and Cervantes`s small volume in a marching bag became the peculiar brand which is not bad given (and sold) a product.

Despite the seeming disorganization, antiglobalists are the real force. Generally they protest against unreasonable world economic order, domination of multinational corporations and financial slavery of people. Require the immediate solution of problems of the starving third world. At all peacefulness of philosophy methods of its upholding at antiglobalists extremely aggressive - from a beating of show-windows of shops before skirmishes with police for the sake of destabilization of activity hostile to mankind.

They are well prepared for such actions. One of leaders of the movement Luka Kazarini told about equipment of the " recently; passive fighters : gas mask with the antismoke filter, a life jacket, a crash helmet or a helmet, elbow pieces and kneecaps, plastic self-made boards, and from above - maskhalata. On peaceful human rights activists not really - that is similar more likely crowd of hooligans.

At the same time heads of the movement claim that all funds for revolution - private donations. Plus is financed by various ecological and alternative funds. Also it is supposed that only from sale of undershirts with the image of the ideological inspirer Marcos annually antiglobalists gain up to one hundred millions dollars.

Their movement attracts, first of all, with persistent aspiration to destroy the myth about approach of an era of humanity, progress and a consent which is imposed by mass media of the developed states. Smart life of rich and middle class as a life standard - only a facade, behind which hunger, dirt and sufferings of millions of people. To resist to world capitalism and its claims to turn the world into slaves gold one billion it is possible only by common efforts of Third World countries.

The main thing for antiglobalists - media exposure, societies. To stir up, up the world with all its foundations. However, after the first mass actions against the WTO or the IMF antiglobalists did not expect so condemning comments of mass media that created own press - Indimedia . About hundred websites in all languages of the world, the correspondent can be any, any censorship.

Of course when today antiglobalists speak about preparation of the international revolution, they mean that it is necessary to prepare contents, resources, style and a method, but not time and the place of this revolution so far. Actually, the most part which is not participating in picketing of the summits, and also activists during the period between these piketirovaniye are engaged in dot blows on the separate companies, parties, newspapers. As small groups choose to themselves the purpose, for example, the known company. Further actions consist in disclosure of its injurious essence in the various ways. The avant-garde anti-advertizing, picketing of the enterprises are possible, performances in the press etc. of

Plus to it create magazines, newspapers, issue leaflets, hold own summits and conferences. The largest was Anti-Davos - The world Social Forum was held in Brazil, along with a globalist World economic Forum in Davos. In general, regular disorders and scandals over everything, connected with globalization of world elite and their capitals, already brought to antiglobalists an important psychological victory. Now any meeting strong this world protects himself with passport control and barricades of police officers. They are not perceived as youth performances " any more; from there is nothing to do .

... After everything that I learned (read, saw, heard) about all activity of antiglobalists, I cannot understand in any way - why the majority of them, despite protests, lives in hated to them the developed countries, and here in hungry and suffering not to find them...