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What to do with freedom? Reefs of house formation of

Mozart and Borodin, Griboyedov and Bunin, Agatha Christie and many, many other talents got a house education. Today I want to tell about reefs of home school and to give advice to the parents who decided to train by own efforts children. I hope, my article will not become the next unreasonable reasoning because I completed a course of high school of the house external.

the Main problem of house education is freedom . And before being dipped into it with the head, it is necessary to think: and whether you are able to treat it?

Yes, it is possible not to open for months the textbook, to read nothing, to be engaged in nothing. Such temptation is. And then feverishly and senselessly, without thoughtfulness to make up for lost time - it is awful. Or the shivering hands to get from pockets and handkerchiefs of a crib

of Examples of such reckless address with the time much. And it is not sophisticated - who will refuse to take a walk, for example, in bright spring day down the street instead of solving to nobody the necessary equations (the teacher will not check homework tomorrow). Way out : to take with itself on walk a leaf with examples and to solve them on the street on a bench as all decent adults do (assure the child that he is already adult, besides decent) in bright spring day.

In the summer, in trains, buses, trams do not waste time : you learn verses or read books, solve problems or remember foreign words. Explain to the child that he looks in the opinion of people around the intelligent person when something reads or writes. Such statements, in particular if you take the book in hand, will create for an ex-sloe tone it will have a desire to study.

It is possible to be trained differently at home : with parents or with the tutor to be ahead of peers or to go in step with them. It is necessary to distinguish concepts the external studies, house training and training with the tutor at home. I will explain:

External studies . It first of all advancing. It is possible to be trained at home independently (the most common form of the external studies) or with the tutor, to come to regular trainings to school. The external studies enjoy popularity generally at the senior school students, but also pupils of elementary grades can successfully be ahead of peers. The school - the external studies has to give individual or group consultations with teachers - examiners for whom it is possible to check the level of the knowledge and to find answers to the arising houses questions.

House training . It still call family. Usually parents become to the place of school teachers: take the textbook (to the adult even if it not the geographer, for example, everything has to be clear in the school textbook of geography) and... it is honestly read. In the course of house training children communicate with parents more, there is a mutual understanding and mutual respect. House training can organically be combined with the external studies.

Training at home with the tutor . In my opinion, it is the lowest step of training out of school. The external studies with the tutor (we will notice, not with the teacher - the consultant, and with the tutor) usually are impossible and family education - too.

There can be a question: whether all need house education? Completely I will agree with those who claim that not it is suitable for all and it is pleasant not to all. Happens, it is easier and more pleasant to person to spend hours in the schoolhouse. And it is fine! Let communicates with peers (though personally for me in this communication nothing interesting was), hangs out, sits at a school desk, goes to the dining room etc. - if only he derived from it pleasure...

to the Parents who decided on house education should work and dream up much. But, I am sure, children will tell you then many thanks for freedom, and, above all, for ability it is correct to handle it!