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How people in crisis and other hard times change?

(and even character) people during hard, adverse times are already told About change of behavior - retold. And still

I Will tell - I to you an old dzensky parable.

The Pupil to the Teacher came and began to complain. Naturally, on the difficult life. (Concrete words I will not bring if you do not think up some pitiful story - read a newspaper. Better something from yellow press .) Asked the Teacher for suggestions what to do when both that pulled hard, and another, and the third, and in general, just hands fall!

The teacher silently rose and put before himself four kettles with water. In one it threw a wooden chock, in another - carrot, in the third - egg, in the fourth - the crushed coffee grains. After a while it took out that threw from water.

What changed? - the Teacher asked. Anything - the Pupil answered.

The teacher silently nodded and put these four kettles with water on fire. When water began to boil, it threw in one wooden chock, in another again - carrot, in the third - egg, in the fourth - the crushed coffee grains. After a while it took out a piece of wood, carrots, egg and poured fragrant coffee in a cup. The pupil, naturally, again understood nothing.

What changed? - again the Teacher asked. What had to happen. Carrot and egg cooked, the piece of wood did not change, and grains of coffee were dissolved in " boiled water; - the Pupil answered.

It is only a superficial glance on a thing - the Teacher answered. Look more attentively. Carrot boiled soft in water and from firm became soft, easily collapsing. Even externally it began to look in a different way. The piece of wood did not change at all. Egg, without having changed externally, inside became firm, and to it blows from which earlier it followed from the shell already did not become terrible. Coffee painted water, impacted it new relish and aroma .

Water is our life. Fire is changes and adverse circumstances. Carrot, a tree, egg and coffee is types of people . All of them in heavy moments of life change differently.

1. the Person - carrots. Such majority. These people only in usual life seem firm. At the moments of vital scrapes they becomes soft and slippery. They lower hands, blame for everything or others, or irresistible external circumstances . Slightly pressed down and they already in panic, are psychologically crushed. Such " carrots; as a rule, easily become to the victims of fashion want that they had everything, as at people on them successful dealers, politicians and predictors make the fortunes.

2. the Person - a tree. Such it is not enough. These people do not change, are oneself in any life situations. They are, as a rule, cool, internally quiet also tselna, perhaps. Such people show all, as difficult vital circumstances - only life, and behind a black strip always there comes white.

3. the Person - egg. These are those whom struggles of life temper, do stronger! Very much - it is not enough such people. Such people in usual life - anybody, and in hard times they suddenly harden and persistently overcome external circumstances .

4. And how coffee? - the Pupil exclaimed. About is the most interesting! Coffee grains under the influence of adverse vital circumstances are dissolved in environment, turning tasteless water into the tasty, fragrant and invigorating drink! - the Teacher answered, with pleasure sipping fragrant coffee from a cup.

There are special people. Their units. They not so much change under the influence of adverse circumstances how many transform vital circumstances, turning them into something fine, deriving benefit from each adverse situation and changing to the best life of all people " around;.

And to what type of people you will carry yourself?