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How to write the letter to Father Frost?

When I was small, I believed in Father Frost. Every morning on January 1 I jumped from a bed and ran to watch that for a gift it put to me under a fir-tree. In spite of the fact that the gift not always coincided with my desires, and kindergarten companions convinced me that Father Frost does not exist, I all the same trusted. Just once on New Year`s Eve there was a strange story which for many years convinced me, small, that miracles - exist.

On the eve of New year I with parents went to the grandmother to the suburb. There all of us together spent several days, and on December 31 came back home. When we entered the apartment, I first of all ran to the room where I saw that the window was cracked, and under a fir-tree the gift - a huge plush dog lay. To my surprise there was no limit. Naturally, I thought that it is Father Frost while was at home nobody, arrived on the deer, rushed into a window, left a gift and as very much hurried under a fir-tree, forgot to close a window. Even the thought did not arise that swindle was turned by my parents, all of them were days near me. This small miracle gave me so much joy and happiness that I am still grateful to the parents for that surprising day.

In addition annually I wrote Father Frost the letter. The answer, unfortunately did not receive - mother said that it has a lot of work and to answer all children the old man just once. And I all hoped and hoped, did not cease to believe in Father Frost yet. And here quite recently I learned what, appears, Father Frost nevertheless responds to letters. It is just necessary to write the address correctly.

Already many know that Father Frost lives in the Russian northern city Velikiy Ustyug. Now there even build the special building of mail for storage of letters which come to Father Frost, in a year he receives about 300 thousand letters. The first letters begin to arrive at the end of November. However in Velikiy Ustyug consider that the best day to start preparation by New year and the order of gifts at Father Frost - on December 4. The Snow Maiden, zaychishka and other fantastic heroes help to respond to letters to Father Frost. Management of Federal post service even developed and approved a special stamp of mail of Father Frost therefore the letter from it with any others not to confuse.

So, it is possible to write to Father Frost to the address:

162390, Vologda region, Velikiy Ustyug, Father Frost`s House. or on the website of its www mail. pochta - dm. ru.

Father Frost will surely answer if to enclose to drawing or a rhyme letter, the old man loves gifts and attention too.

It is possible to write the letter and Santa - to Claus who lives in Finland, more precisely in Lapland that in this case one and too. It is necessary to write the letter to Santa in English.

The address Santa - Claus :

Santa Claus Joulupukin kamman. 96930 Napapuri. Rovaniemi, Finland.

Santa - Claus is quite popular around the world. Annually he receives about 700 thousand letters from children from 184 countries, however, according to his assistants, does not manage to answer all therefore there is a probability that the answer from the foreign grandfather will not come.

It is not so difficult to present a miracle to the child. However, if you did not manage to get children yet, and there is a wish for a New Year`s miracle, try to write the letter to Father Frost. Suddenly it not only will send the answer under a New Year`s fir-tree, but also actually will grant your most treasured desire. Miracles happen, the main thing - to believe really