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How to learn it is reasonable to operate time?

Hare, well you so seldom call me, would agree, went to the cinema! - the girl friendly reproaches the friend.

Yes there is no all the time, anything it is not enough for! - that answers.

Oh, in general it is unclear on what so much time is spent, made like nothing, and day passed! - the tired woman to the members of household complains.

I have not a rest at all, even ceased to read! It is necessary to read so many books and where time to take! - the exhausted businessman sighs.

Why we often appear in a situation of a lack of time?

Why we often dream of that in days there were not 24 hours, and at least 48?

Why us sometimes pursues feeling that day passed, and is not made anything?

Yes because we are not able to plan the day, we are not able to operate time. Practical advice on management of time I found

in Baudot Schaefer`s book. Some of its recommendations, processed by me taking into account the Russian reality, allow to bring further.

1. Do not spend time spent in traffic jams, in the subway, in other transport for stupid boredom, rage on life and on circumstances, use its (time) directly. Read books which you dreamed to study long ago. If it is inconvenient to read, for example, the bus shivers, then listen. There are special programs for mobile phones by means of which it is possible to wiretap e-books of a text format. Also long hours of expectation or driving can be devoted to useful calls... or pleasant..., to studying something new. Here students good fellows, they in transport prepare for offsets and seminars. Follow an example of them! Teachers, heads of the enterprises, engineers, mathematics can always learn about new methods of teaching, about new technologies of business management, about new scientific theories, reading the corresponding newspapers and magazines in the subway. Time behind such occupation will pass quickly.

2. Make the plan for every day. If you dispose of the time at work, then make the plan and for the working day if is not present, then only for the extra working period. When you are the plan to make, think what affairs can be combined without prejudice to themselves and people around. To be semidelkiny and to be engaged at the same time in several cases - absolutely different concepts. In the first case both affairs will be executed badly. For example, you make a dinner (you fry potato) and do the drawing. It is possible to be fond so of the drawing that the kartoshechka will burn down.

3. Try to fill even very short periods of time for which, apparently, nothing it is impossible to be in time with pleasant or useful affairs. Why, for example, during TV commercial to be angry with it, to be indignant, to stupidly change channels when it is possible to learn several foreign words in these 7 - 10 minutes, to read 3 pages of the book, to wash the dishes, to make for itself sandwich, to draw in a notebook of the child of the hare etc. Even if you watch TV only an hour a day, two commercial breaks surely will be, and it means - 20 minutes at your service.

4. Think whether takes away from you any action unfairly a lot of time. Of course, lovely girls and women like to preen feathers, it is fine, but if this procedure takes away for 2 hours a day, it is necessary to think whether it is impossible to reduce it without prejudice to beauty?

5. On food more time leaves several times if besides absorption of food, you also read, you write letters, etc. of

7. At some of us a lot of time leaves on awakening. When the alarm clock rings, such people speak to themselves: Well it is still sensitive, I will a little more lie down! such self-deception can take kind half an hour which could be spent more reasonably.

8. Learn to plan affairs on importance degree. It does not mean that affairs surely have to be useful, no, let they will be important for you. For example, in one day the meeting with friends let will be much more important than the next visit of shop.

9. If you the head, the chief, well, generally, if you have subordinated and if it is necessary to collect often meetings, try not to tighten them. You speak briefly, in essence, do not fall to demagogy level. Thereby both your time, and time subordinated will be saved, and they will manage to make more work.

10. If you the parent, the elder brother or the sister, the uncle or the aunt, impart to the child (the brother, the nephew) the skills of management of time described above. Teach him to begin day with affairs, and to finish it with rest as far as an opportunity allows.