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How to elect the tsarevna, but not a frog?

the Choice of the fine half by the modern man is very similar to the kind tale of Ivan the Fool and the Tsarevna - a frog.

Here it is necessary to make specification. If to speak about Ivan as the groom, so there are no problems at all. As there was it the fool then, about 300 years ago, and remained. And here with the tsarevna - a frog obvious discrepancy in the modern fairy tale turns out.

Ivan the Fool was fantastically lucky in those far times. Clever found the wife. To hide the beauty and tremendous organizing abilities, the tsarevna pretended to be a frog, as they say, to get in bog . What exact calculation, what thin knowledge of psychology of the man! To create the real man, the woman sometimes all life needs to work real miracles.

However, it is necessary to consider that it is the fairy tale and it should not be strongly long, otherwise it will be boring for the listener. Plus history with Kashchey Bessmertny very strongly helps Ivan. It has a requirement to wander in this world and to mind - reason to be gathered. Ivan found the Tsarevna in the rank of already real Prinze.

Unfortunately, in our beztsarstvenny time virtual beauty sometimes reigns. the Same Ivan and not the tsarevitch finds

the beauty. He begins to be proud of himself and what happiness found, directly the tsarevna. Being a perfect fool, Ivan does not suspect that thanks to art of a make-up and other technical miracles, there is practically no frog left - only one beauties.

Then during the post-nuptial period the tsarevna turns into a frog and our poor Vanya runs to look for Kashchey that to fill a muzzle for an obvious cheating.

After long drudgeries Ivan becomes cleverer, he just begins to be afraid of all beauties, irrespective of age and material prosperity.

his look stops on the Baba-yaga. With the Baba-yaga it is somehow more reliable. Presently with Yagoy, absolutely safe. Will feed, will give to drink, will put to bed and will not ask the alimony.

But not everything is so terrible if to approach this serious question in advance - since childhood. And here it is possible to take the book of the great storyteller Andersen. There live in one court yard a boy and the girl. Together grow, study, exchange habits, views of adulthood, and time comes - and fall in love.

Gerda and Kai`s Friendship is an example of cultivation of the female happiness since childhood, and then even the powerful competitor and nonsense of darling are not terrible.

And now not everything is so difficult. Yes the same Vanechka and the same Mashenka live absolutely nearby: in the village or under the same roof the five-floor house. Study at school or university, or just try to tell each other something in a younger nursery. And it is fine, it is romantic, and there will be enough memoirs, and out of heart will not rip. And nearby the lived years will allow to keep that kind which will be enough on so many that there was enough patience, mind and wisdom to live happily together long family life.

Perhaps, those nurseries or student`s memoirs are also called love and the general conscience for two.