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Last-minute tours. Where burns?

our people travel the Last years often and with pleasure. Many, taught by own negative experience of last years, prefer to plan travel in advance. Come to travel agency for one - two months, choose the country and hotel, place money, hand over documents for the visa if the trip is supposed to the visa country, and begin to prepare for departure. Joyfully and slowly.

Often potential tourists are aimed only at so-called last-minute tours . There is an opinion that such tours can be bought much cheaper. Yes, it happens, but the farther, the more rare. In the last few years the client wishing to save and declaring to the travel agent I Want to depart tonight, the latest - tomorrow morning most often hears in reply about lack of places.

The person takes offense, suspects the employee of agency of deception or incompetence and asks: And how last-minute tours? . Also does not believe that last-minute tours appear not just like that. Also goes to other travel agency. Then in the third. And everywhere demands last-minute tours. Then it goes home and estimates to whom to thrust upon the dacha. Holiday - that is already issued.

In the first several years of formation of the industry of tourism in our country last-minute tours were really a commonplace. Tour operators were not able to count competently level of demand, therefore, there was a surplus of the offer - those last-minute tours . But then foreign tourism was business for us new and unusual.

Today it is better to forget about it. Tour operators, those which redeem places on planes and hotels have the statistics acquired for many years and, of course, learned to count how many tourist`s packages and at what price it will be possible to sell.

Sometimes closer to a departure tour operators have paid places in hotels (as a rule, in those which were necessary for nobody) and the prices of rounds fall. So there are last-minute tours which professionals call special offers. It is more favorable to tour operator to sell such tour below cost not to lose all money. But especially you should not count on good luck. Such godsends are never enough for everyone. And there are they during not season.

More often during the high season tour operators buy in addition places in hotels and will organize additional flights. Such rounds are more expensive, than acquired beforehand, just because places are redeemed over the contract. And contracts are concluded for half a year - year prior to the beginning of a season. Pricing in that case happens in full accordance with a saying about a spoon which rises in price by a lunch. Also it turns out that the person bought tour on the eve of a departure, but is more expensive, than it would be possible several weeks earlier. Paradoxically, but fact.

One more wrong theory - last-minute tours appear when someone refused on the eve of a departure. It not absolutely so. If it occurred, refused will pay a penalty, therefore, the tour operator will lose nothing. Such tour will be tried to be sold, but especially will not begin to rest.

Often potential tourists are misled by the Internet. What website do not open, everywhere it is full of cheap offers. What is it? Deception? Anything similar. Offers on travel sites often have a certain validity period. That is today there is a last-minute travel offer, information on which is spread in a network. And in half an hour it was bought. To clean advertizing from the websites often happens it is impossible technically, or the staff of agencies just does not manage to make it in due time.

You should not search for agencies, specializing on the burning offers. Such does not exist in the nature. All these Hot permits Shops of last-minute tours and similar firms with cognate words in names differ in nothing from any other travel agency.

All have the same database of tour operators who actually and are engaged in pricing. It is much better to make friends with the checked travel agency and to address only there. Then to you as to the regular customer, will pay special attention and to help to select as far as possible a tour with an optimum ratio the price - quality.

And please, it is not necessary to be interested in September last-minute tours for New year. They did not manage to light up yet. And is closer to holidays at all will burn down completely. New year, May holidays and school vacation - in these dates, as well as during the summer period, rounds are in special demand and are reserved in advance.

But some operators have a service early booking . It when at preliminary redemption of the permit you can receive an additional discount from 5 to 15%. It happens before a summer season, in the spring. An indispensable condition of such booking is term - from 30 to 45 days to a departure and more, 100% of an advance payment and impossibility to make changes to round, differently the right for a discount will be lost.

Here and it turns out: than to chase doubtful last-minute tours, it is better to think of a trip in advance, to save and receive high-quality rest.