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What are our kids afraid of?

A few years ago your obedient the servant researched fears of children of preschool age (from three to six years). This research was necessary for me for writing of a term paper. I set a goal - to study as far as time and knowledge, the reasons of emergence of children`s fears, objects of fears allowed, that is to find out what children are afraid of, and also to define ways, ways of overcoming or weakening of fears.

About what needs to be done that the child was afraid less I told in one of the previous articles. Now let`s talk about objects of fears of our favourite kids.

Allow to have fears here in what order: on first places there will be what children by results of my research and researches of my colleagues - psychologists, are afraid most of all, and on last places - those phenomena, objects, living beings who cause fear to a lesser extent. Well as, you agree with such order?

1. Fear of darkness (72% from 500 children who were taking part in research). Kids ask parents not to turn off the light, the most awful and severe punishment for these kids for the night - to be locked in a dark closet or other room, to stand in a dark corner facing a wall. Under the influence of darkness children have other fears: forever to remain alone, to be the stolen fantastic angry heroes (Barmaley, the Baba-yaga, etc.) .

2. Fear of death. It popularity (prevalence) steadily grows in children`s hearts. If adults think that at so early age (3 - 4 years) kids know nothing about death, do not understand the value of this word, then I dare to claim that similar thoughts are wrong. Perhaps, the child once was on commemoration, perhaps, his grandmothers and grandfathers and their acquaintances continually speak: Oh, something health became bad! Here I will die and will bury me in cheese to zemliyets! Here my sosedushka died and my turn will come soon! Sometimes adults speak to the kid: You will bring me to a coffin! You will drive into a coffin! Here I will die also what you will do? Saying so terrible phrases, adults do not even realize that they implant fear of death at the child. But in general the fear of death is put in us initially. It is as if the cultural prototype which is transmitted through generations.

3. Fear to lose someone from parents or the people replacing them. Many kids are afraid that their mother, the father, the grandmother, the little sister will get sick, and maybe will die. Children, perhaps, saw how someone from family members had a serious illness as all were upset, anxious, worried.

4. Fear of various animals. First of all children are afraid of dogs and cats, is more rare - a raven, spiders. Children can be afraid only of those animals whom face in reality. That is, the child living in Moscow will hardly fear a deer or a raccoon.

5. Fear of natural disasters. Existence of this fear is almost always connected with the area of residence of the child. It is unlikely the little Petersburger will be afraid of a tsunami. Though it is not excluded that the natural disaster seen on the TV so will frighten the kid that the fear will deeply lodge in its head.

6. Fear of depth, fires, etc. The child will be afraid of depth if he already sank once or if feels uncertainty that, happen to him to sink, adults will come to the rescue. The same concerns also the fires. But besides, if the kid witnessed in a varying degree the fire, the last can become object of children`s fear.

7. Wars, terrorist acts. Perhaps, I had to place this fear at the beginning of the black list because it recently again finds popularity . Daily children see the terrifying details of military operations, hear about them, and in some regions are also direct witnesses of such events.

8. Fear of various fairy tale characters. Earlier I thought that the fear will be on the first place, did not receive results of researches yet. Certainly, and our modern kids are afraid to be the stolen, eaten evil monsters. But to the place of Barmaley, the Baba-yaga new villains (goblins, Pokemons) come.

9. Different specific fears. Their existence depends on conditions in which there lives the child and from his psychological features, from features of education. For example, children who are beaten by the father are afraid to be beaten again. The girl whom in the elevator the spiteful teenager attacked can be afraid to go in the elevator or to be afraid of teenagers of a certain appearance (high, red-haired, etc.). One girl was afraid that at night she will strangle a flower.

This list can be continued still; I gave only some part of objects of children`s fears here. I am afraid, as if my long story did not tire you, dear readers.