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Why interruptions in products began?

Eh, crisis - crisis at what here Russia? America swells, is ill, Russia is hiccupped Neftedollar falls. It seems, and the mortgage at us is not so widespread, as in the far States. And products from shops begin to decrease Psychosis? Or the people stock? So for all century you will not save enough... What only deprivations us tempered. Let`s not be gone! But the question interested me. In what business? Why even in large networks began to appear holes on shelves?

Did not keep itself to wait for the answer. There arrived the girlfriend, drowned in tears. It has a small business - wholesale deliveries of products to large networks of the city. All life lived on credit. It is known by all banks of the city. And even fought for it as client even in the summer, offered manky terms for crediting. It dictated to them. The fall introduced amendments The credits give under big percent. And all disturb her, ask to extinguish former debts. Total amount is quite big - several millions. It cannot take new goods - suppliers demand an advance payment or a cash upon. Networks do not transfer money in time - at to difficulty. Delays of payments already read off scale - who more than a month who more than two Tragedy!

That intermediaries will not be necessary soon I said to it long ago. But it in turmoil to think of the future there was somehow a lack of time. Now rushes from suppliers to buyers and everywhere asks, begs, sobs, begs And things are right where they started. The commodity stock quickly thaws, to fill up there is nothing. Creditors exasperate. Debtors refuse.

Complicates a situation and that fact that practically all suppliers raised the prices. In order that also to it to lift them for the buyers, time is necessary. Each retailer (the retail seller) obligatory point in the contract of delivery enters information on the prevention of price increase in 2 weeks or month. Current situation in the market of the food does not give the chance for such terms. All activity of my friend becomes economically unprofitable. Activity imitation I it did not see

In such depression long ago. She does not understand the crisis reasons, does not see an exit, she became the hostage of a situation. The enterprise thought looks for an exit. The most terrible that thoughts - murderers begin to appear To be insured for an amount of debt and It was necessary to give magic pendel that she got rid this nonsense.

What to do? To be diversified urgently! To connect to a question of knocking-out of debts of the husband, children etc. To register in reception buyers. To put emphasis on convenience goods. She noticed that those hit positions which were in the course several months ago became dead freight. Demand for canned food, grain, flour, sugar, all those goods which are necessary in any times increased.

To continue negotiations with suppliers. And there threats, requirements to extinguish receivables already went. And to think how over time to avoid this activity, than to be engaged. This crisis - a fine lesson. If now the buyer does not come to the producer directly how many still such lessons it is necessary to pass? How many has to pass time that purchasers at retailers learned, at last, competent management? When the young tribe grows, sumeyushchy to break off a chain the producer - the dealer - the seller ? Also these intermediaries - whether will begin something to make goods, service... Also the prices on counters will fall.

For now the call " rings; Crisis! the people go there where cheaper. The army of the adjusted trade giants should begin to survive. As a situation mirror in the country. Hunger does not threaten us, but world financial crisis will set all thinking on the future!