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How to make " salad; Chicken " cake;?

So salad? Or cake? Both that, and another is possible! Today we cook salad. But we give it as cake. It is possible to make a la carte, then there will be chicken cakes. If we give on a big flat dish - cake!

By and large, thus it is possible to present any puff salad. Most of all it is pleasant to me with chicken breast.

For this unsweetened cake we will take 6 boiled hard boiled eggs, 6 chicken breasts, 200 - 300 of firm cheese, it is a little to garlic, a glass of chishcheny walnuts, 0,5 kg of fresh champignons, 2 big fresh bulbs and a big pack of mayonnaise.

We wash chicken breasts and we boil to readiness. The main thing - not to digest! We switch off broth with breasts, they still gentle so far Slightly we add some salt. Will cool down in broth - will be juicy.

Eggs we rub on a large grater. We leave two proteins from eggs on ornament. Cheese and garlic also we rub on a grater and we mix with each other. Small we cut onions and we fry in vegetable oil. We wash mushrooms very quickly, they porous and if long to leave them in water, napityvatsya by it at once. It strongly influences taste. It is better to rinse champignons and to put on a pure napkin. Will flow down, to cut with pieces and to fry with onions.

A half of nuts small istoloch, a half it is large to crush.

We begin to collect and decorate ours Chicken " cake;. Let`s take a white thin cardboard or a firm foil, we will cut out a rectangle 10 cm wide, length - in perimeter of our flat dish. Let`s accurately fasten in a circle. The form without bottom turned out. It is better to cover an internal surface of a self-made form a piece of food wrap - those places where the form will contact to appetizing layers of cake. We put a form on a plate and we begin a design of a masterpiece of local scale.

The bottom of a plate can be covered with pure leaves of fresh salad or a figured napkin for cake. The first layer - small chopped chicken breast. The second layer - walnuts. The third layer - grated eggs. The fourth layer - fried mushrooms with onions. The fifth layer - cheese with garlic. Each of layers is greased with a lattice from mayonnaise. If the dish or a plate for cake small, layers repeat. The top plentifully becomes covered by a mayonnaise layer, is filled up with grated ringlets of the left proteins and priporashivatsya by grated nuts.

From above it is possible to decorate, somehow, - a rosette from cheese, to write a name of the birthday man or to represent hours (if salad prepares for New year), to place figures from vegetables. As the imagination will allow!

We clean our form, we grease cake sides with mayonnaise, we powder with proteins and nuts. What beauty!

For more high-calorie recipe it is possible to put cake from such layers:

chicken breast;

the steamed-out prunes;

boiled eggs;


fresh avocado;

marinated onions;

Korean carrots.

And, of course, we flavor any layer with mayonnaise. This salad can also be decorated with nuts, and it is possible to lay out pieces of orange or pineapple from a jar. Unexpected taste! As inspiration!