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Experience - the friend or the enemy? Part 2

Quite often should be heard - all niches are already occupied .

Like, it is not necessary to think out something new because all new is thought already up. How here not to remember well-known a top - ten ideas on one billion ?

It is thought to me that in due time on today`s billionaires - inventors were pressed a hundred-ton press by others experience. You wish to earn with

serious money on teddy bears with ridiculous names?

Yes you went crazy!

Experience prompts that you will not be able to earn from it. Millions let out bears a year, and yours will not sustain the competition.


You, besides, want that they limited editions went on sale? For collectors? Well, nonsense utter, the Modest American Ty Warner who did not listen to others experience earned the right by

from this nonsense 4,5 billion dollars.

Experience of generations prompted to Jeff Bizos that books on the Internet will not begin to buy. Nonsense it. Began to buy. Jeff earned from the nonsenses 4,4 billion dollars.

Mario Moretti Poligatto offered the invention (holes in a footwear sole) to Nike corporation. Experience whispered to specialists of corporation that it is the nonsense which is not deserving attention. Go supposedly the foolish. Mario also left to let out footwear independently. Earned from the to nonsense 3 billion .

These billionaires once did not believe in a universal formula because can never be .

Progress of mankind is persistent fight of certain swimmers against the strongest course of experience. These pigheads as those bugs - cannot climb all indicators in air, and fly!

And whether it is worth trying?.

Among other things, experience is extremely subjective. For example, at someone the relations with the tax inspector were not taken. The person from the most good motives imparts experience it with the one who needs others experience.

Thus, the one who trusts in others experience begins to try on a situation on himself. It projects others problems on the life and the beginning business.

But the relations with the tax specialist in the first case could not develop for the reasons, absolutely business not concerning.

For example, at the inspector the wife ached, or the son at school obtained the two.

Put on a table of a cockroach and clap over it. You see - ran. Now tear off to it paws (yes defenders of insects will forgive me) and do the same operation - clap.

Lies without the movement? We draw a conclusion - the cockroach without paws does not hear.

Same situation and with others experience. You should not try on on the affairs someone`s problems which could arise from - for independent of the businessman of the reasons. Fools on the mistakes study?

So, maybe, and to you it is not necessary to begin the business if according to 45% of beginners burn through? Costs! The reasons of what occurred from these 45% - are subjective.

you - not they.

U you everything will turn out.

Certainly, if your desire to achieve success rather strongly.

The person who is entirely trusting in others experience is similar to the first grader who is entirely trusting to experience of the second-grader.

Yes, the second-grader of experience has more, and knowledge it, undoubtedly, more extensively. But what is costed in general by knowledge base of the eight-year-old boy?

In the same way and with adults. Listening to stories about how at ten people to you it did not turn out, understand that you - special.

You - not a clone someone`s. You have other brain, other knowledge, other ambitions, at last. You have the level, the height which you can overcome.

And that the most interesting - even you do not know - what height is. If someone did not jump on two meters - really, it is an occasion to consider that you will not take a three-meter level?

Very often experience (others or own) acts as the grave-digger of serious undertakings. Undertakings which would make the person provided and independent.

But rises before the person burning with idea, a wall.

And the fire extinguisher experience hangs on this stone wall which is laid out from bricks of others mistakes. If someone trod a path, but on a path the hole with water was formed, it does not mean that to tread paths - bad idea.

Go an own path, and try to listen less to those who sow a negative and uncertainty who causes in you fear of undertakings.

Create own experience, and let there will be it positive!

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