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Experience - the friend or the enemy? Part 1

Since the childhood is absorbed by us the knowledge accumulated by wisdom of hundreds of generations that experience - the most great friend in achievement of success.

Experience will always secure, will hold from a dangerous step, will cover with the back from rashness bullets. Experience - knowledge base, which behind shoulders not to carry experience is an absolute positive.

At least, it told all life to us.

Today`s article not about experience - the friend who will intercept a hand of the enemy with the failure revolver clamped in it, and about mean experience - the misinformer ready to set a knife in a back.


On whose mistakes to study?

the old joke in which the millionaire tells about how he, actually, became a millionaire Is. You remember - bought one apple for one cent, sold for two, bought two on cent, sold for four And then the uncle left inheritance .

this Joke is the concentrated knowledge that it is possible to earn one million only under certain conditions. For example, having the grandmother - the owner of a network of fast food restaurants where - nibud in Nebraska.

We can make use of others experience, try on it on the life and project on own acts. Others experience speaks to us - it is impossible. we trust


It is always better to study on others mistakes. At least, clever fools - on the study as strangers, and. We consider ourselves clever therefore to step on a rake which already beat someone a head, does not wish.

Why to try to jump above itself if at 99% which tried to you it it did not turn out? Waste of forces. It is better to fly below, well and Russian cabbage soup, respectively, to sup more liquidly. To protect forces on long-term sitting at stuffy office. And there and to pension nearby.

And only in an old age of people suddenly realizes fully all horror of the belief in others negative experience. Only in old age the person understands that only from own mistakes as from tens of tons of ore - attempts, it is possible to take several grams of uranium - success. Only several grams, but what! All life differently could develop

there Lives in the Ukrainian town of Uzhhorod a guy by the name of Sergey. The guy dreamed of a network of restaurants. In 16 years with the companion began to sell tea in the local market. Was enough for a chewing gum, and the companion was quite happy.

But Seryozha raved a network of restaurants therefore not light, a dawn came to work. It did not go even to university not to distract from business and to earn enough money for dream.

In several months friends expanded the range - together with tea and coffee pies began to offer market dealers. And trade went successfully and here only unsatisfied our hero looked. He wanted a network of restaurants!

To the guy only - it was only executed eighteen when he suggested the workmate to invest all money in opening of a booth where the pastries would be on sale. The workmate advised to ask opinions the knowing people . Asked.

The knowing people grinned and told, than the invention will turn back. At first will strangle tax, then firefighters, a trace will be the sanepidemstantion, well, and will finish business the competition. Sell - you, children, the tea in the market and do not climb there where to you it is killed. People who gave so practical advice had a similar business in due time.

They had experience.

And Sergey`s friend believed people, and Sergey believed, but not up to the end. Decided to try. On own skin.

The companion remained in the market, and our hero opened a booth, having lent on this action of money. Then - the second. In a year - one more. It was hard, but neither tax, nor firefighters, nor competitors managed business to strangle .

Now Sergey has a network from eighteen booths united under one trademark and trading in pastries. He still dreams of a network of restaurants. He is twenty three years old.

As much and to his friend, that which whether unconditionally believed others negative experience and which still is engaged in sale of tea in the market Going against the stream to

you Know to

that till 1951 among the scientists who are engaged in aerodynamics, the may-bug was a taboo subject for talk?

did not want to tell about it men of science because the fat buzzing clodhopper under all laws should not have existed.

Or rather, it could exist, but fly - never. And scientists appeared in fools. The twentieth century, and the best heads of aircraft construction could not understand the phenomenon nature.

The bug should not have flown.

But he did not know about it and soared to himself in the pleasure. Then, of course, scientific svetila understood - that to what. The matter is that the buzzing fat men use effect of the phantom heat engine for the flights. But scientists till 1951 did not know about it therefore if not tangible confirmations in the form of annoying bugs before eyes, they could claim that the insect with such weight and such wings cannot fly. Would claim with full confidence and categoricalness.

As scientists about uselessness of the computer claimed thirty years ago.

As were declared by them uselessness of the microchip forty years ago.

As were twisted at a temple by representatives of the Western Union company after the presentation by it by Alexander Bell of the telephone set hundred thirty two years ago, calling this invention not having any value .

Edwin Drake drilled the well in search of oil despite snickers. A well even nicknamed Drake`s Recklessness . Experience prompted that to look for oil, doing for this purpose deep openings in the earth - it is silly and senseless. it drilled


I in 1859 black gold went.

This piece will never make profit - so spoke about radio in 1920. Honestly - to whom could come to mind that the profit will be made by advertisers.

of experience of advertizing on radio was not!

Examples such - hundreds.