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How to bake pancakes on - Chekhovian?

are not tired to admire the genius of Chekhov! In several phrases the classic skillfully draws colourful pictures of life. One of the shortest stories of A. P. Chekhov About caducity consists of several paragraphs. Who as, and I right there felt a smell of fresh pancakes, saw a bright table on Pancake Week, generous and healthy. Anticipations of the main character Semyon Petrovich Podtykin from expectation of the attracting delicacies right there were transferred also to me. Pancakes were crisp, porous, chubby as a shoulder of the merchant daughter... Mmm! Let`s indulge the with pancakes on - Chekhovian?

Any business demands skill and always has secrets. Skilled hostesses know them by heart, for young people and beginners - here several most important.

Main recipe of pancakes .

Batter prepares in the basic way, that is at first we prepare a support. 20 g of fresh yeast or a small pack dry (was not at the time of A. P. Chekhov such delicacy ) we part in a glass warm (not hot!) milk. 250 g twice (it is important!) the sifted flour it is accurately entered into milk with yeast. We cover with a pure napkin and we allow a support to approach. Yeast will begin to boil and all weight will increase twice.

We enter accurately into a support 50 - 100 g of butter, 1 - 2 pounded egg yolk, 250 more g of the sifted flour, a tablespoon of sugar and a half of a teaspoon of salt. And very carefully, without lumps we stir dough. Then we will gradually add 1 - 2 glass of warm milk so that dough was not very liquid.

Again we cover with a pure napkin and we allow the test to rise. Twice. Then we enter the beaten egg whites. We leave for 20 minutes. We prepare a frying pan, a ladle. On very hot frying pan accurately we pour out a half of a ladle of pancake dough. We bake pancakes.

Podtykin pleasantly smiled, hiccupped from delight and poured over them hot oil. After this, as if kindling the appetite and enjoying an anticipation, he slowly, with arrangement covered them with caviar. It poured over places on which caviar did not get sour cream... It was only necessary to eat now, isn`t that so? But is not present!. Podtykin looked on work of the and was not satisfied... Having thought a little, he put on pancakes the most big chunk of a salmon, a sprat and a sardinka, then, being thrilled and choking, curtailed both pancakes into a tube, with feeling drank a glass of vodka, grunted, opened a mouth... pancakes with " Are good

; Narzan !

It is more likely pancakes as are concerned without yeast.

3 - 4 eggs are properly shaken up, we enter into the sifted flour (250 g), we add 1 - 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil, salt and sugar to taste, 250 ml of warm milk and a glass warm Narzana . Surely we taste dough before pastries. Narzan saltish, it should be considered at salt addition. The weight of eggs can be a miscellaneous, flour of different quality therefore we add flour so that density of the test was, as at liquid sour cream. We allow the test to stand a little. We bake, as usual. Such pancakes suit both for a farshirovka, and for giving by an independent dish.

All - a universal dish - pancakes! And on a holiday, and on weekdays it is not a shame to give. And the table will become generous at once, and guests full. In especially solemn occasions mix 1 - 2 tablespoons of cognac into pancake dough or rum. Excellent dessert dish!

And yes you will be tired to speak about stuffings. Fried forcemeat and cream, fresh berries and stewed mushrooms, onions, cheese, cottage cheese, sausages, fruit and vegetables all that is in the house.

The pancakes a hill curtailed by a kerchief, an envelope and hough. From them cook cakes, pyramids and wells . Bake in an oven. Give with sour cream, cream, oil, caviar, salty fish, jam, jam, mayonnaise

Anton Pavlovich Chekhov has one more story, and is called - " Pancakes;. Digression to history and the valuable management for hostesses! In this work great Chekhov uttered: pancakes, their sense and appointment are a secret of the woman, such secret which is hardly found by the man " out soon;. In what this secret consists? Be not too lazy to re-read the small story of the classic once again!

Serve pancakes, treat the guests and relatives. The main thing that anybody had no such sad final, as at Semyon Petrovich Podtykin But here it was enough apoplectic seizure . Everything is good moderately! Not for nothing the story is called About caducity

Healthy to you feasts!