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How to correct a bite, or you Want an equal smile?

the Snow-white charming smile was always one of guarantees of successful communication. It is pleasant if the nature allocated you with a faultless tooth alignment. And if not absolutely?

Unfortunately, anomalies of a bite (the bite is a ratio of tooth alignments at a dense and full smykaniye of jaws) occur quite often both at children, and at people of advanced age. Both the congenital, and acquired pathologies can be the cause of formation of the wrong bite. To the first orthodontists (the stomatologists who are engaged in treatment of anomalies of development of teeth and chelyustno - a facial skeleton) refer density of teeth, cracks between them, to others - consequences of a trauma and addictions, difficulty of nasal breath and early loss of milk teeth. But the most unpleasant that all this influences development of the person and appearance.

To correct a bite or not - a personal record of everyone, however the homo sapiens thinks, first of all, about own health and wellbeing of the children.

the Bent and dense teeth cannot almost be kept for the rest of life, as a rule, they are subject to caries more and to a thicket attract diseases of gums and an illness of maxillary joints which, in turn, can cause chronic face and neck pains.

The orthodontic problems left without treatment in the future surely loudly will declare themselves therefore the timely address to the expert - to the orthodontist guarantees fast and less painful result.

At early age it is possible to improve a bite and the wrong situation of teeth by means of treyner - special removable plates, in more serious cases the orthodontist appoints to the patient a briquette - system.

Breket - the system consists of briquettes (special locks which are pasted to teeth), and an arch - a wire (it is passed throughout briquettes).

of the Arch are necessary in order that slowly to move teeth in the direction of the correct tooth alignment. This process borrows from 1 to 3 years and is used even for yet not cut through teeth.

Today the most popular and economical a briquette - systems are vestibular: besides standard metal exist sapphire, ceramic, plastic. The technologies which are applied during creation of ceramic briquettes, the same that during creation of ceramic-metal or ceramic tooth crowns. Sapphire briquettes are turned from a crystal of artificially grown up sapphire, they are less noticeable, high-strength, very beautiful and can be absolutely transparent.

Lingvalnye a briquette - systems solve a problem of psychological discomfort at communication with people around as they are located on internal - lingual, or lingvalny, - surfaces of teeth. From here and name. Lingvalny briquettes are absolutely imperceptible and capable to correct even deep bite which is difficult for correcting in the usual ways. Certainly, the similar way of return of a smile is more comfortable, but can use it only adult

Any a briquette - the system is made for each patient especially individually, demands special qualification of the doctor and necessary equipment of clinic. Therefore before going for reception to the orthodontist, take an interest in his professional progress.