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What the translator " is famous for; Goblin ?

Such concept, as Goblin`s translations already so strongly became stronger in consciousness and language of the Russian person that it is even strange that not all know when and with whom everything began. By simple logical conclusions it is possible to understand that transfers and scoring of numerous Hollywood movies belong to the Goblin. And what you know about it?

Was born megatranslator in the city of Kirovohrad on August 2, 1961 in a family of military, under a name of Dmitry Yuryevich Puchkov. Long time Dmitry`s family was not able to afford quiet life, constantly moving to Ukraine, to Leningrad, and sometimes even to Germany. After school went to army, but in 1982 got demobilize. After army companion Puchkov for several years managed to replace more than ten professions.

In 1992 he receives the militiaman`s position in St. Petersburg where he works within six years. Colleagues for fun call each other ghouls and goblins, Puchkov uses Goblin nickname in computer games and articles about them. And bears this name to this day. In 1998 voluntarily left bodies in a rank of the senior militia lieutenant as earned by writing of notes in magazines much more...

Dmitry began the journalistic career with short previews of computer games, at first on the websites on is computer - game subject (the www type. quake. spb. ru), and then began to be published professionally in large game editions, such as Navigator of the game world or Country of the games . He very much loved actions and shooters, especially Quake therefore in 1999 the book " was published; Hospital attendants of vaults - the fullest guide to the game Quake.

In the same year his hands created the website Tynu40k Goblina on which it is nowadays possible to learn about all its achievements, and them, believe, it is a lot of. At a forum of the website people meet similar views, discuss, except creativity of the Goblin, any events of public life, are going to drink in real of beer...

Puchkov very much liked to translate from English therefore as the game subject still was for it darling, he decided to begin with games. For short term it transferred such, nowadays classical games as Serious Sam: Second Encounter, Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project, Hooligans and others.

Even before game localization the Goblin begins to translate informally the Hollywood movies into Russian without censorship . For years of work in the goblinsky list more than 80 movies as well-known hits, it seems " collected; Pulp fiction or From a decline till the dawn and little-known works, for example Bloody Thursday . In addition, it completely translated series Soprano Family and a large number of cartoon serials, the most known of which South Park and Robotsyp .

But the All-Russian glory brought it alternative translations for the sake of which even the special studio " was made; God`s spark . The Goblin explains the choice of the name so: During long philological discussions concerning various aspects of the translation repeatedly explained to me that if the movie frankly stupid, but the translator successfully joked (read - sporol a gag), so jokes of the translator do well strictly to the movie. On my careful assumptions that thus the essence of an author`s plan is impudently distorted to me repeatedly was otvecheno: the pier, is not present in you a God`s spark and therefore to you not to understand similar subtleties.

Among the most popular transfers of studio the trilogy " is registered; Lord of the Rings Shmatritsa the first episode (there is also a wish to believe that not the last) Star wars and others. This idea generated a great number of creators of various rank who decided what can be translated more ridiculously, however the Goblin as it appeared, out of competition.

The Goblin was not limited to one translations. It was lit it and in the game industry and after it became known across all Russia, this influence only amplified. In recent years there was a game and its sequel based on the book Hospital attendants of vaults where the Goblin, naturally, was directly involved. He made an alternative translation of Stubbs the Zombie: Rebel Without a Pulse - comedy shooter, where the main character - the zombie. Especially it is necessary to allocate the game " constructed under its direct management; The Truth about the ninth company . It, Dmitry`s words, interactive reconstruction of those events which description is scrupulously restored from communication with direct participants of that fight and the documents " which remained at them;.

Soon to the Goblin will be, than to be engaged as still the set of things needs in correct translation. And even when each movie will start talking companion Puchkov`s by voice, the Goblin without work will not remain. This person in the head has so many ideas, and in hands there are so much opportunities, as whole life or there will not even be enough two to realize all its plans.