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What it, loose tongue? Artificial language and language of art

As was told by the hero of all times and the people Carlson who lives on a roof, we continue conversation about languages. We already got acquainted with kinds of Allegorical and Phraseological languages, with the description of Erotic language, and even with Animal language and Language of Animals.

Today we will study Artificial language and art Language. it would Seem that the general and in what distinctions of these two types?

Options can be a little, but at once occurs that differences lie in scopes and uses, and here the general that both of them no more than metaphors. And, artificial language to all other is also fiction, an imagination fruit, however, sometimes bringing huge benefit to all mankind.

It is enough to remember the formalized languages of various sciences, for example, of chemistry, mathematics and others, using the peculiar encryptions, specific formulas, symbols and signs understood by professionals of the whole world. The same uniform measuring system, SI, serves some kind of general, as measuring language , allowing to provide all data to a common denominator .

The most striking example of artificial language is as you correctly guessed, Esperanto. At all grandness and a blagorodnost of idea of the Warsaw oculist to create uniform international language, thereby having facilitated life to all mankind, Esperanto can hardly apply for a victory such language monsters as the English, Chinese and Spanish languages, obviously dominating lately.

In the childhood we with the girlfriend used the secret language which was inaccessible to people around as then it seemed to us. Such abracadabra turned out that we also sometimes in it were confused:

- Yakasya poshlakasya domoykasya uchitkasya urokikasya.

- Dakasya? Akasya kogdakasya gulyatkasya vyydeshkasya?

- Not znayukasya.

- Ladnokasya, pokakasya.

- Pokakasya.

Now, having become slightly - is slightly more adult than that itself, eight-year-old, I understand that this karmyndyk was a riddle only for us, and here adults without effort prosekal all these Kasya - ki.

It is especially pleasant to realize the fact that not we one broke the " language; creating mysterious words. Not and it is not enough invented languages, but further all left language of elves, thought up by Tolkien for the trilogy Lord of the Rings . And, his invention made such huge success that in Great Britain at men`s school of Birmingham Terves - Green for the first time in the world officially began to teach school students elfin language. Who knows, and suddenly this language will be fated to become international and to unite all people in one big elfin family?

Speaking about fictional and artificial languages, it is worth mentioning programming languages, on which it is written majority of databases and programs. For example, the same With ++, Basic, Pascal, Java and some other allowing programmers of the whole world to feel confident among this senseless (for the ordinary person) character set and teams. In some degree programming languages are a link between artificial language and language of art where writing of a program code is similar to masterly playing a musical instrument where each note matters. One mistake - and work, musical or information, is hopelessly spoiled.

At the same time language of art is so rich and various that all words of the world for expression of its tenth part will be required. Only about music the uncountable number of treatises on the subject " is written; what the author " wanted to tell the work;. And there is still a painting, theater, cinema, the photo, literature (one only fabulous Oedipus language of what costs!) and just any form of activity in perfect execution.

By the way, about action of music. When I expected the second baby, my gynecologist, to the word the doctor of higher category, advised me to listen to Vivaldi. You know for what? That the child who lay legs turned in the right direction. Speak, - she told, - kids from Vivaldi turn over . Unfortunately, I did not happen to make this experiment on myself as classical music was the only thing on which I had a toxicosis during pregnancy.

And here music affects some trees more well. For example, in Cambodia the main income item - extraction of rubber from hevea juice which in the course of processing turns into high-quality rubber. Only there lives the tree not for long, about 30 years. Scientists established if daily to include unpretentious melodies, then the tree gives much bigger milk yield and lives about 10 - 15 years more. By the way, about milk yield. It concerns to cows too.

On richness of the created images painting language can argue with language of music , though not all cloths are speaking . To admit honestly, notorious Black square Malevich never caused in me a big variety of thought forms, and here artists - surrealists led by Dali are capable to bring the pictures a brain to deification of activity.

Approximately the same action at mathematical pictures of Asher by whom rise up the ladder conducting down also fall only up.

It is possible to tell as is wished much about a mental condition of these and similar to them artists, nevertheless, their art really bewitches. Also there will not be enough all life to understand that actually they wanted to tell, drawing Tetrahedal Planetoid or Print gallery or Discovery of America by effort of a dream of Christopher Columbus .

The main value of language of art consists in its immense force, the exclusive power. Often the Artist (we will call so each creative person), without having an opportunity to formulate the thoughts and ideas in a verbal form, through works can force to rejoice and long, laugh and cry, to run to do something or to stay in inaction, to be medicine as a muzykoterapiya, or an ideal, that guiding star to which all pupils aspire.

And how many still secrets and riddles stores this unusual world, a name, to which art ! And as there is not enough competent translator who could interpret unambiguously and correctly true value and the hidden sense of creation of the Artist.

And whether, however, it is necessary? Unless not in volume a charm what there is no uniform and standard interpretation? Otherwise critics would be left without work, without having an opportunity to explain how correctly it is necessary to express the thoughts and carriage disputes would lose the relevance.

Be continued.