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In what advantage of infrared heaters?

With arrival of cold weather many of us begin to feel uncomfortablly in the, apparently, cozy apartments. To wake up or fill up in a cold bed and just to be in not heated room - pleasure doubtful. Besides, the probability to ache that too will not add to you pleasure increases, and it is rather on the contrary: it is necessary to fork up on expensive drugs.

To avoid these unpleasant moments, it is only enough to install the necessary equipment at home. Further it will be a question of the device which does our house cozy and warm. About an electric heater.

The traditional choice of an electric heater is a radiator or a fan heater. It is known that the range wide, the prices democratic and everyone can choose to himself heat on own taste.

The oil heater consists from ridge (for a bigger thermolysis) the metal cavity filled with oil. The main lack of such heaters is a resource intensity. Such devices consume the electric power about 1,5 - 2 kWh that at round-the-clock work of a heater, you see, is unprofitable.

The fan heater is the device having inside the heating-up metal spiral and the fan blowing hot air in surrounding space. Very probably on the hypertrophied hair dryer. It is the cheapest option from described. Electricity consumes as much or slightly less.

In general the described types of heaters are of little use for heating of big open rooms. Except the room, many of us have still an open (not glazed) balcony or the yard which with arrival of cold weather just are removed from vital space. For such cases there is exit, traditional and widespread in the western countries hitherto, but already gradually getting accustomed and at us is an infrared heater.

Difference of such heater that its lamp, except the usual, seen by us light, radiates infrared, invisible an eye beams. They transfer the most part of heat. The same beams heat us when we are under the sun or about a fire. Begins to heat an infrared heater almost instantly after installation and inclusion. Several seconds and temperature indoors significantly rise.

The main feature of these devices is as follows: infrared beams pass through air, without heating it, but heat objects, a floor, walls, furniture, often a cup of coffee at you in a hand and, of course, you. Air indoors heats up again from the warmed objects and if it is correct to pick up a dose, then will be warm and there will be no feeling of closeness. Well, and having established such heater on open space where - nibud outdoors, you can just enjoy fresh autumn air in heat and comfort.

As for convenience. Each such model weighs about 3 - 4 kilograms. The heater is very mobile as the provision of a radiator easily changes, is equal and as its height. At desire it is possible to save the place, having hung up a heater on a wall of the room or, for example, on a balcony. Besides the device consumes much less electric power in comparison with oil or thermal fans.

One more advantage of infrared heaters consists in their comparative reliability. Oil heaters quite often in several years of operation give a weak point in the case, simply they begin to flow. In fan heaters a weak link is the spiral which quite often fuses. An exit out of operation of an infrared heater can be caused only by burn-out of an infrared lamp that, you see, is less probable.

From shortcomings it is possible to call only one - the price. But if to consider expenses on the electric power, possible costs for repair, and even purchase of a new traditional heater, then it undoubtedly is worth it.