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The big age difference between the husband and the wife is decently?

Anyway, but this question haunt much. Then, stories of couples where someone is much more senior are exaggerated there. And in such context - and decently? and it is normal?

And if to ponder if it is really about Love - at what decencies here? These are absolutely different categories Indecent (in our culture) will publicly make love, and here age - a thing especially individual.

Besides ideas of a decent age difference even within the same people changed eventually significantly. For centuries at us of the girl, especially from notable families, left for dear people - already achieved and provisions in society, and financial wellbeing. And jarred on nobody that - not on love. Except girls And they are especially sensitive, not in time to absorb maternal cynicism on the fact that from father`s - a mother`s neck it is necessary in time and it is successful to change on a neck husband`s.

Besides no matter by whose calculation everything occurred - whether to calculation of relatives of the groom, brides Times were such: seldom who married, being guided by feelings - proceeded from financial motives more. Also it concerned all sectors of society. Misalliance not age, namely multiclass was considered as centuries as indecent.

In 20 - m a century priorities changed, at the center there were priorities personal, personal - and marriages of convenience became wild. And as for centuries calculation was connected with the grooms aged who a lot of things already achieved and now automatically the same stereotype remains: married young for old man - means, something from it it is necessary for it. Treat in society such marriages with suspicion now. Especially actual it became in the last years 15 when again we had a class very propertied and with it and category of finders of rich grooms.

However if people really love each other, without stretches and reservations - that all the same, in general, that there at them with age who than whom is more senior and as far as. It is bad when someone from such here couples just uses someone - the situation when one of couple - the cynic, and the second - that a half is sincere is especially unpleasant. And it in a disgusting way happens in both options: can act as the cynic as the young girl - the hunter to states, and the burned fan young " meat; as the adult woman - madam and the young gigolo - the fan of easy money

Yes, is certain preferences at men and women - someone looks for the wife - mother someone the wife - the daughter ; someone the father - the patron someone the young man with the look burning . Couples, in which expectations of both (from each other and own roles in a family) coincide, that is it is not age, and in vital reference points and values , are viable

Yes, is defined standard a set of difficulties and problems in " vapors; the husband aged - the young wife and vice versa - in " vapors; the lady - the young man . First of all is a difference of outlooks of different generations. Figuratively speaking people with a big age difference read different books, watched different movies and points for the conflicts in such couple can be more. Theoretically. And it is almost frequent them less, than in couple of age-mates because the one who is more senior, as a rule, is already taught by life of tolerance and to acceptance of views of the partner. Well, and if it is not taught - that is problems not of age, but character at all.

But they are difficulties which are surmountable on condition of existence of an internal community of partners in marriage. Love, in other words. But not only one love sensual, and all its manifestations - mutual respect, friendship If there is no it is couple will break up, regardless of age of the man and the woman.

And to argue on an age problem together with " positions; decently - it is indecent it, so to say, is a little indecent.