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Why state programs on a raising of birth rate do not give the expected effect?

A few years ago the government of our country attended to sharply falling birth rate and decided to improve these things. Various programs, most " were put to use; loud from which there was a program of payment of a so-called maternity capital in case of the birth of the second or subsequent child.

However one cannot say that it stimulated birth rate in that measure in what legislators counted. Why women are afraid to give birth?

We will think together: what is necessary for the woman to give birth to children? First of all, confidence - and in the future, and in the present. Whether many have it in our country presently? Here and the answer to a question - whether to be to children

the Biological program of the person provides a look survival, and the survival is an adaptation to the existing conditions. And the conditions existing for the present moment are that that do not dispose to a child-bearing. We have no confidence in tomorrow

For stabilization of the population needs economic recovery for a start, and the growth of a child-bearing will be natural response of society. Same laws of development of civilizations. Surges in birth rate are observed only in two cases: after wars (the nature is insured - that population did not disappear) and during the periods of growth of economy. Not stability (therefore birth rate in Europe was low many decades), namely - during growth periods.

And now we will think: the country with unstable (ourselves we will not deceive) economy bred, children to working-age need to be grown up - to bring up, and the able-bodied population which has to be engaged in it (especially man`s) was reduced as a result of stressful decade which at us behind shoulders, and at the same time economic indicators, a standard of living etc. in the country are rather low, and inflation does not doze. How to you the picture for the next decade?

The present program of rise in birth rate is calculated on effect not momentary because essential single payment at the child`s birth - it is healthy, but it, besides, single. Any normal person will have a question - and how to raise the child further? There is no answer distinct yet. And that the people bred, it is obviously not enough accepted innovations

Nevertheless good intentions to lift birth rate - it is healthy, but also the firm material resources are necessary. And it is not dreams of something unrealizable. Actually vast majority of parents under the concept material resources quite modest set of pleasures is meant:

- the apartment (it is not obligatory " at all; big especially as too differently all this is understood);

- rest and improvement of children (definitely not on Canary Islands or Seychelles - by the way, with the child there is nothing to do - and then who told that under the word rest trip abroad or just at the sea is meant? It is possible and to understand not so primitively this concept). By the way, and if there is a probability that owing to genetic predisposition the child can be born unhealthy, and occupations with experts, massage therapists etc. will be to him if not vitally then as an indispensable condition of normal development are necessary, then normal parents, understanding it, naturally, will wish financial straws to spread.

- an opportunity for the child to do swimming, drawing or than it there still will want, that is development of abilities and inclinations;

- an opportunity to buy the child all necessary things.

In other words, the material resources are meant as minimum reasonable standard of living.

The statement is not close to me at all that if the previous generations lived hard, in communal flats, without water supply system, pampers and with the minimum income and somehow at the same time managed to give birth to children, then it is necessary to live also all the subsequent. I think, all - it is worth equaling on the best reference points, but not on the worst. Honor and praise to our parents raising us in difficult conditions. But in comparison with the last century, for example, they lived just in luxury - both free medical aid, and free kindergartens - schools - higher education institutions, and children are imparted, that is do not die up to 80% Also our present realities are perceived as compared was about 50 years ago.

In a word, probably, not everything is so terrible and if people bred only with a careful eye to the future difficulties, our civilization long would not stretch. But also support of the state is necessary - not nominal. Here mammoths had no statehood - and they died out.