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Children in sect - whether are an exit?

In the previous article conversation went about the device of modern sects. The same article - transition from the theory to practice: here we will discuss who and as gets to sect and whether it is possible to resist to it.

So, what roads conduct in sects? in a family can become b>

In - the first, extremely significant factor . From here - a conclusion the first: the main insurance from hit in sect is the parental love - love unconditional (that is - without conditions: a pier, I can love you, but only if you are ), love of parents to the child just because he exists. And still - its acceptance with all its shortcomings and weaknesses, formation at the child of feeling that a family - anyway the place where it is understood, appreciate and is respected. From such family in sect do not run.

The second reason - the crisis transferred the person , emergence of a situation when the whole world is destroyed: as such factor the death of the loved one, an illness, loss of a social status and similar can serve these the serious events which are deeply endured and sometimes leading to loss of meaning of life.

The third reason - peculiar the spiritual vacuum existing in our society recently. Long time - whether is bad whether it is good - but the place guiding star in our life the ideology borrowed. The pioneering, a komsomoliya with all their shortcomings gave big plus to children - a certain idea and the purpose. Viability of this idea - another matter, but whether many ideas in youth in general are viable? In many respects it was, of course, the extreme. Now the pendulum otkachnutsya in opposite situation - that is towards full freedom from any ideas. However nature abhors a vacuum, therefore dexterous and bad people quickly used this circumstance, aspiring in the purposes to fill vacuum in the young heads.

The fourth reason - so-called loneliness in crowd , dissociation of people, the situation which became habitual already, when around nobody is necessary to anybody . And even if in a family everything is normal, the person - a being social, and he wants to fit into society, and at present a task this hard.

The following reason - natural thirst at early age for self-knowledge , interest in all unusual, mystical, than organizers of sects skillfully use, applying active and implicit promotion, promoting of mystical, irrational ideas and outlooks on life. The less the person has a life experience, the borders of its world are more indistinct, the it comes under influence, pressure and washing of brains easier.

The psychological factors promoting involvement in sect are also trustfulness, naivety, uneasiness, shyness, infantilism - all this does children more susceptible to beautiful speeches of recruiters. It is remarkable that children from safe families peck " easier; rods with a bait from promises of abilities, influence, success, the children from dysfunctional families who passed severe school of a survival are susceptible to suggestion much less. However these children get to sects too - in search of good, purity and meaning of life.

Quite often mistakenly consider that people extremely religious get to sects. It`s not true: deeply believing people least of all are subject to influence of sects, they are firm in belief, and the moral core at them is strong. The one who is in a condition of a stress or the conflict with himself and with society gets to sect, but at the same time more others need understanding and acceptance of people around.

Whether there are signs that it rebenokpodvergatsya to processing that it is involved in sect ? Yes.

In - the first, has to guard with emergence in the house of numerous, colourful brochures , posters, books and magazines which someone gave to the child free of charge, on purpose educations or having invited to a certain free educational action. Sectarians use various screens up to free studying of English (in time explain to the child that free cheese - only in a mousetrap, and excessive persistence new friends has to guard him first of all). Also emergence of disks with specific music (sometimes alternating the unclear text) - music viscous, knitting, so-called " has to guard; trance rhythms.

The attention is required by sharp change in behavior of the child - it is necessary to reflect and understand in case the child for hours sits in prostration, looks in one point: in a window, on a wall, especially - on some new, unusual subject or a portrait (especially - cult character). Prick up the ears also if the child at the same time mutters something or just moves lips, it is shaken here and there. Very seriously, if the child begins to start conversations on meaning of life, on the good and evil, at the same time his views sharply disperse with accepted in a family and have character of the knowledge which is obviously introduced from the outside.

Should not remain unaddressed if in the house there is a large number of objects to which the child was indifferent earlier: candles, signs, amulets, aromaticheky substances; and also in case clothes style, a way of carrying out leisure and a circle of friends sharply changes.

Many parents who faced sectarianism on bitter experience of the family know that it is extremely difficult to pull out the child from there: he runs from the house, vanishes in sect for months, and it is unknown not only as from there to take it, but also where in general it is.

If there is such opportunity - it is necessary to address psychotherapists, it is possible - to replace the residence cardinally. Do not try to discredit independently the Guru or as he is called there, and also sect in general: in sects specially prepare for such talk with the family of children, and all your attacks will be apprehended as the proof not of your correctness, but correctness of Teachers. Here what from you is required - so this sincere, warm attention, acceptance, soft and unostentatious discussion of its present and future. However it is necessary to be ready to the fact that this process will be long and painful: against you the whole psychotechnological machine works.

Therefore the old truth can become the only conclusion to this article: who is warned - that is armed. Being warned about dangers of sectarianism, your child will be careful in contacts with strangers and will not buy baits kind people . And parents, being warned, will show a maximum of attention and understanding to the child from the very beginning, than will not allow searches of heat, acceptance and meaning of life by the child on the party.