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Why and when the child`s messages to the stomatologist?

Dear parents, you see, that a campaign to the stomatologist with the child - occupation not from the most pleasant. But at early age the child needs to get used what it is not terrible to treat teeth at all and droplets not painfully. Here the main thing - correctly to pick up the doctor who not only will give the qualified help, but also will manage to come, first of all, into psychological contact with the kid.

The child, unlike the adult, needs to appear in the stomatologist`s office at least, than time in half a year. And during such responsible process as change of milk teeth with constants, at least time in 3 - 4 months. Reasons for this purpose a little: at children`s teeth insufficiently dense enamel, besides children eat a lot of sweet and, owing to age, not absolutely skillfully and carefully brush teeth.

Ask any children`s stomatologist, and he will answer you that for children`s teeth prevention has paramount value: it provides efficiency at the initial stage of growth of teeth and formations of a bite, thereby relieving of future monetary wastes.

For the child the visit of dental clinic can turn into fascinating and fascinating travel: modern achievements of science and technology allow if not for hundred percent then partially to distract attention of the child from a stressful situation, and color seals and toys will not leave indifferent any kid.

Besides your child can learn a lot of useful from the competent expert, namely:

- as is correct to look after a mouth, to use a toothbrush, a menthol thread and to rinse a mouth after meal.

As a rule, the children`s stomatologist takes measures for enamel strengthening. The technology depends on equipment of clinic: it can be a method of a covering of teeth fluorine - is delicious or deep fluoration (by means of special preparations fluorine accumulates on tooth enamel). These procedures will relieve you of visit to the stomatologist at least for half a year.

From 7 - 12 years doctors advise to do to the child sealing of fissures (these are poles and grooves on a chewing surface of teeth where the food, as a rule, gets stuck). During this procedure a thin film of sealant is applied on enamel, and then irradiated with a special lamp. Sealing is painless, and the preventive effect remains for two years.

Caries of milk teeth treat! Only for its treatment use simpler sealing materials. By means of application of special technologies the children`s stomatology does procedure of drilling of tooth by the most painless.

There are cases when no admonitions did possible to convince the child to open a mouth and to show to the doctor teeth. Then stomatologists use the silvering method stopping further destruction of tooth.

During change of milk teeth with constants it is very important to pay attention to formation of the correct bite.

To watch a dental health of your child and to accustom him to independence very important from the earliest age. It not only will secure the growing kid against the further troubles connected with health of teeth but also for the rest of life will relieve of fear of tooth clinic.