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How to treat cold, or Where to stick a sore nose?

Without exaggeration, are familiar with cold all of us, and will hardly call this acquaintance pleasant. So to do, reconcile and wait so far how the saying says, he for a quantity of days will pass? We will not advise it to you: one of options of development of not cured cold - antritis. Especially, if you are not ill in the pleasure, drinking houses of seagulls with tabletochka, and have the next cold standing.

If nevertheless work or urgent matters drove you on the street, unpleasant symptoms can quite be braked for a while. In drugstores it is full of preparations for every taste and a purse, blocking a congestion of a nose and cold on an unlimited number of hours. It is necessary to remember, however, that such preparations, generally remove symptoms, but do not treat the reason. Having made all urgent matters, think nevertheless of importance of the irreplaceable resource - health. Support him.

You should not abuse also drops - sprays for a nose. In - the first, they are capable to cause accustoming. In - the second, from long application it is possible to earn complications with vessels of a nose and irritation mucous. Of course, the medicine and pharmaceutics do not stand still, drugs of new generations promise elimination of by-effects, but and checked national still nobody cancelled remedies, the truth?

To cook potatoes, to merge water, to be wrapped up over the pan proceeding potato steam and - to breathe, breathe, will not cool down yet. By the way, it is better to cover eyes if you do not want to speak then with all concerning their red color. Potato in this option can be replaced with the menthol dissolved in water and subjected to boiling. The same can be made with propolis.

And how to you such a little exotic option - to dig in cyclamen juice in a nose? Only it is necessary to follow simple rules of this procedure: the instillation should be carried out sitting or lying, having a little thrown back and having turned the head in that party where the instillation is made. It promotes hit of medical moisture in a middle part of a nose. If to make in a different way, the probability is high that medicine will get into a nasopharynx, having brought treatment to naught.

Or here still way: to put on the electric stove (or on a frying pan if who has a gas stove) a bread crust, to wait until it begins to smolder, and then to inhale the received smoke. If you observe loss of sense of smell, the national rumor advises to pour vinegar on a hot frying pan and to inhale its fumes. It is considered in very effective way, by the way.

And finally one more council: blowing nose, clear each nostril separately, closing another a finger. Otherwise the infection can get into a middle ear, further everywhere.