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What is modern sect?

Concept sect it is not new: throughout all history of mankind periodically there were associations of people under the leadership of the charismatic leaders conducted to this or that purpose. However the last hundred years brought the specifics in concept of sectarianism: organizers of sects nowadays not only are charismatic, they (or their colleagues) own the psychotechnicians allowing to take completely under control and will, and reason of the person, and, as a result - I smother him.

What is modern sect ? There are five main markers:

- existence of the special doctrine (as a rule, based on mixture or new interpretation of already existing dogmas);

- existence of ritual, special, characteristic of this sect;

- isolation from society, opposition of to society;

- application by organizers manipulative the technician for imposing of ideas and control over consciousness of rank-and-file members (that is - mental violence);

- and as it was already mentioned, the bright, extraordinary person at the head.

How the sect affects the person?

the First stage is recruitment stage . Hire there by the most various methods which cornerstone deception and technology of control of consciousness is. At the first stage of people is exposed to a peculiar bombing by love - the person is twisted enormous cocoon heat, participation, continuous suggestion of as far as he is remarkable, clever, kind, in this or that plan it is unique, and still - as it is necessary to sect and is significant in it.

In case of lack of such acceptance in the usual, habitual world such bait is extremely attractive and effective. And same is one of the important reasons why so difficult to the person to leave sect, even at the beginning when he was not too drugged and connected by obligations. To the person who did not find the place and acceptance in the real world (namely such people also join ranks of sects), extremely hard voluntarily to refuse such generous emotional feed.

The bombing stage love develops in the logical continuation: inspire in the person that exactly here - that he also will find new various desired opportunities: development of the spiritual potential, obtaining superabilities or superinfluence on people, treatment from diseases, finding of true friends... In a word, both there is a lot of sects, and there is a lot of sufferers - so on each goods there is the merchant.

However further enter game not " at all; humane influence methods. the " method comes into effect; choppings of tails - radical rejection of the available related and friendly relations. The person force to renounce everything that was expensive and significant before. But it is not enough: the sect, as a rule, demands as well releases from bank notes and property: seldom who acts so clumsily that demands it already at the initial stages, but nevertheless sooner or later it is inevitable. So, full isolation of the person from the outside world - at first ideological, and soon - and actual results.

After that there comes the stage of control over consciousness : control over information, over behavior, over thinking and over emotions.

Control over information is that information passes a rigid filtrovka by introduction of numerous bans: on newspapers, magazines, the Internet, books, movies and even real-life communication with people out of sect. Acquaintance to any criticism of sect, in particular - communication with people who managed to leave sect is especially rigidly stopped. Instead of the blocked sources of information alternative are palmed off: own books, movies, brochures, audio - and videos. Information control has one more side: the person at the initial stage by a manipulative way force to do recognitions confessions who, as a rule, register and subsequently serve compromising evidence the lever of impact on the sectarian in case of his attempts to tear with sect.

Control over behavior consists in numerous and quite tough instructions: with whom to communicate what to carry as how many is (quality and quantity of food is sharply limited, as well as the dream number of hours - as a result of people becomes even more vulnerable and susceptible to external influences as the organism plunges into a condition of a stress). The lion`s share of time is taken away on performance of various rituals, singing of mantras, reading prayers.

And all this has often collective character - and not just like that: there is so-called mental infection - transfer from crowd to her certain members of emotional states, representations and experiences. Together with psychological infection the effect of euphoria, ecstasy also gives rhythmical exclamations, the movements and definitely the adjusted breath. These effects supported with malnutrition and a sleep debt have amazing force.

Also control over thinking does not doze , and it is reached by means of specific the psychotechnician too: that the person lost ability to think independently, in sect monotonous buzz, a chant by chorus, repeated repetition of prayers or other specific texts is used. Any independent cogitative attempts are stopped: it is impossible to ask questions of the leader, any doubts are sinful. Considerable value has also the specific vnutrisektovy language which is extremely loaded by difficult, elaborate terms and concepts. All logical forces of the person leave on their storing and the correct use, on catching of sense of forces does not remain any more.

Besides, it is well-known that the one who controls language - that controls also consciousness. Moral borders are also outlined accurately and primitively within black - white, by the principle a step to the right / a step to the left - treachery, a jump on the place - provocation . The world sharply and without any half tones is divided into the Good and evil, breaks up to two halves: we and those who against us - that is all people out of sect.

Control of emotions consists in a podsazhivaniye of the person on a peculiar emotional swing from which to jump off is extremely problematic. On the one hand is that bombing by love about which the speech already went above, and on other pole - powerful forcing of a negative in relation to: 1) to all outside world and 2) to any acts of the sectarian which contradict requirements of sect. In relation to these two moments there is a serious intimidation, numerous threats and blackmail are used (we will remember about confessions neophytes at the initial stage ).

Besides, as a result of application specific the technician of people can be entered into a condition of a trance, hypnosis. Are quite often used (it is obvious or hidden - that is being mixed with food or drink) the drugs causing euphoria, feeling of flight inspirations .

Physical and mental exhaustion of the person is caused by all above-mentioned and he loses the most valuable that it has - a free will.

After that quickly there comes the third stage - emergence new person practically without a possibility of return to the past. At this stage situation is aggravated with the fact that organizers maximize social isolation by rigid methods: forcing sectarians to enter among themselves sexual communications, provoke participation in criminal and even terrorist actions; women are tied given rise in sect bogoizbranny children with the highest mission .

At this stage the violence - from beatings and rapes before coercion to the wearisome physical or humiliating work " is already without ceremony used; for the sect benefit . The person is carried to a condition of full helplessness and dependence. What is characteristic: if at this stage from sect to release the person, it obviously shows draft back - the state, is similar to an abstinence syndrome of alcoholics. Independently people cannot be exempted from similar mental withdrawal pains.

About the one who is included into risk group, what signs of danger and ways to resist to it - read in the following article.