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How to make calls on the Internet?

How to make calls on the Internet?

of Kompternaya the Skype program (Skype) will deliver you the mass of unforgettable moments, listening to voices of the family.

In 2004 on the Internet the voice pager - Skype appeared. This program was instantly fallen in love not only by business people, but also sociable students, and other inhabitants of a global network. And not for nothing! She allows to communicate free of charge in Skype, and also to make calls on ordinary phones at favourably low prices.

The idea of creation of such program visited different bright minds for a long time, but realized her three Baltic programmer Yaaan Tallinn, Priit Kasesala and Akhti Heynl. Called it Kazaa, with its help it was possible to look for files and to exchange them among themselves by means of the computer. Then to them in the heads climbed up that it would be absolutely quite good to teach to speak a world wide web with a human voice. As a result also Skype appeared.

Of course,-headed messages it was possible to send by means of " earlier; ICQ and others the Internet - pagers. But earlier all sounds at first got on the external server and only then reached yes the addressee`s ears. Skype solved it a problem very delicately - as servers (communication centers) it uses computers of users. You knot overloads, lack of a communication quality.

All the Internet - the community apprehended this innovation with a bang. It became clear after the first two months when the quantity connected passed for one million. At the minimum advertizing Skype it raprostranyatsya so quickly that it is more similar to a virus, than on a pager, computer analysts laugh. Today in a network at the same time there are more than 11 million users Skype.

What Skype is able?

to Ring friends any point of the world, without limiting itself in communication and paying roofing felt the Internet.

to Communicate in a chat and a video chat.

to Create the whole conferences.

to Communicate by means of a video call.

to Call on ordinary phone on low tariffing (for example, the call from Moscow to the USA will manage less than 1 ruble in a minute). to Send to

the SMS - ku.

to Transfer any file.

You are a user! Everything is very simple


Download the

program Install on the

computer Connect to the computer by means of what you will communicate (the microphone with earphones or loudspeakers, web - a chamber or usb - phone)

At the program the convenient pleasant interface, something the reminding ICQ (on - line users are in list top). If it is necessary to call, you dial number and you communicate (there is no place more simply!) . Only it is necessary not to forget to fill up previously the skype - the account through any payment service provider. (Yandex, WebMoney or bank transfer).


If you have not an unlimited access to a network, then when using of Skype perhaps it is necessary to pay more than usually. The traffic of all users is evenly distributed between computers of users.

The is higher connection speed, the sound

is more qualitative If your network does not support connection quicker than 33,6 kb / with, Skype can just refuse to work.