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How in one hour to make with own hands the unique necklace?

Having touched three caskets with jewelry, suddenly in despair you realize what to put on a party (birthday, in theater) a new dress (a blouse, a suit) and there is nothing! No, of course, this bracelet quite approaches according to the invoice, and this transparent beads was always pleasant to me. But together they do not look in any way and on color do not approach to each other and a dress at all! The problem me so on holiday also happened to

U: magnificent brought a new dress, and to the hotel manager there is nothing to put on it cocktail at all was - gold or silver jewelry is not absolutely pertinent, and costume jewelry in tone I did not take. Having bought a bracelet from nacreous plates and having felted beads from wool, I collected a necklace for an hour!

The situation is familiar to much of us, but is quite reparable! It is only necessary to find a strong basis for a new set, to arm with nippers and the imagination, having added a few threads woolen, rags to tone to a dress or even nepryadeny wool of the " type; merino . Well and having offered initial beads and bracelet, of course. This master - a class will help you to repeat my feat, and it is a little imaginations and your own taste will make your necklace actually exclusive!

So, we will need wool nepryadeny or woolen threads, beads or the decor suitable on style, a lock (it is possible to use from a bracelet or the former beads), a basis (at me it is a silicone thread, but there can be both a scaffold, and just very strong thread or even a thin cord) and, of course, the most important component - the IMAGINATION! Having picked up suitable components, we will begin production directly of beads. I offer you two options - from woolen threads and from nepryadeny wool.

Option 1. Beads from woolen threads.

as a basis can use large beads, pieces of a foil, a toothpick, small balls, and it is better than a thread mohair or just very fluffy to take.

- a basis we apply glue of the " type on a bead; Moment and it is accurate, a round to a round, we reel up woolen strings of the first layer. Having created volume a little bigger, than it is required to us, carefully we fix the end of a thread. For production of beads not of a round form it is possible to use pieces of a foil and a toothpick.

We do leaves and for this purpose we displace a foil piece, having placed a toothpick inside. We apply glue, we wind with threads a foil, leaving the ends of toothpicks, we fix a thread. With beads on the basis of small balls everything is clear - simply we cover them with glue, we wind with woolen threads and carefully we fix.

The following stage in production of such beads consists in their soaping and rolling in palms - woolen threads fall down, the bead becomes uniform and very fluffy. We wash out beads under the crane, we wring out in a towel and we dry. Better everything - to work with soap in rubber gloves!

Option 2. Beads from nepryadeny wool to

to us will need wool, a porolonovy sponge and fildts - a needle at the beginning of work and soap with hot water at the final stage.

Having separated a small piece of wool, we displace it in a ball and we condense with a needle, adding if necessary wool small locks. We lower ready balls in the container with boiled water, we give them will cool down a little and, having put on rubber gloves, we soap and we roll future beads in palms before full consolidation.

In our option we also changed a form - very nice oval buds turned out! We wash out under the crane and, having wrung out in a towel, we also display for drying. I usually use the heated towel rail in a bathroom - dry quicker!

How to collect a necklace

of the Necklace can add with the transparent beads suitable on style, beads or other elements of a decor.

Assembly of a necklace - very responsible and, perhaps, the most labor-consuming part of our work! We will pass a silicone thread in a needle with a big ear, we will put in half and we will knot on the end, having interwoven into it a bead - that others did not fly. Accurately we grope a needle an opening in beads - bases, having removed a toothpick from beads - leaves, we enter a needle into holes. And here in beads - balls and valyany buds - we puncture with a needle, helping, at need, kruglogubets to pull out a needle. It is possible to use also manicure tweezers for this purpose. And also in order that on the ends of a necklace to attach a lock.

Having distributed beads on all length of a necklace, we receive the ready ornament which is ideally suited to a new dress and definitely not having analogs in the nature!

... And absolutely unexpectedly the bracelet was formed of the remained beads!