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Why will power and how it is possible to develop it is necessary?

the Person who wants to achieve certain heights in the life needs to create career, to develop will power. To find a common language with people around, to constrain the emotions and often unnecessary criticism, will power is by all means necessary. It is necessary and to endure temporary failures which happen in life at everyone. The person of no character will never reach much if constantly does itself indulgences.

The person capable to force itself to work, despite any troubles, able to avoid the conflicts with the administration and to improve the relations in collective thanks to reserved character is highly appreciated and has general respect. But to become such in the opinion of others, it is necessary to possess huge will power.

Well developed will power is useful also in the solution of daily problems, overcomings of various obstacles. The strong person is capable to eliminate fear of death, to win against a depression, to get rid of addictions and other shortcomings. Lack of other positive personal qualities for it is not so terrible as he can cultivate any of them, it is worth wanting.

What ways it is possible to develop will power? I will provide several simple rules.

Rule No. 1. Make that you want least of all. When you do not want to do to

something, but, nevertheless, it is necessary to perform work, remember this rule. Always force themselves to be engaged in what you do not want. Remember that only laziness prevents us to cope with this or that excessive task. Actually any person can more, than he imagines. Performance of these tasks is counteracted by natural laziness and lack of self-confidence. The strong person is capable to get it together, to confide and win against this laziness.

If you do not manage to believe in the forces, try to suppress laziness persistence. You bring yourself in fight against it to a condition of torture. After the first victories you will surely feel changes in yourself. Subsequently such fight will not demand so noticeable efforts.

For formation of character it is very useful to be engaged in any kind of sport. Personally I can recommend easy morning jogs at slow speed. Run is excellent means for will power development, since daily overcoming of unwillingness to rise earlier, than usually, and finishing with overcoming of a certain psychological barrier before other people.

Be not afraid to be black sheep . The people running in the mornings cause respect of people around even if laugh at them. If you never ran, begin from 5 minutes, at least around the house. Gradually increase this number to 30. Running on half an hour every day, you not only will be able to develop will power, but also will raise a standard of living. Run is the main exercise for development of heart. According to doctors - experts daily run within one and a half years for 15 - 30 minutes a day doubles elasticity and capacity of vessels.

Rule No. 2. Exercises have to have constant character. Doing itself indulgences, you risk to pass for the weak-willed subject again.

Of course, does not have sense constantly to be engaged in moral self-torture. On that and days off, holidays to have a rest, differently failure is possible sooner or later. Nevertheless, for the strong person, development of will power is equal to absolute infinity. Completely get off mind of working activity in day off next week with new forces to undertake it, without the slightest steps backwards.

For this reason will power development, as well as all the rest in the nature, is gradual process. It would be silly to jump from a high roof, only to overcome fear, or to rush under an ice shower without the corresponding training and experience. Also silly, for example, to overcome constraint and shyness by sharp, active inclusion in public work - in this case the failure is inevitable. Begin with small and go on the way of will power development by slow, gradual steps.

On the first place there has to be a work, other vital values, and exercises for development of will power and sports only to promote achievement of goals.

Rule No. 3. The deep, active desire to become better is important for development of will power.

Ask yourself a question: and whether really you are ready to become better, than yesterday? Also try to answer it after careful consideration and sincerely. With development of will power also your personality will change. Some habits and preferences, sometimes - even a circle of friends can change. Therefore if the answer negative, be oneself. Not all have enough time and forces to be engaged in self-improvement.

If all of you decided to be engaged constantly, always remember as far as it is important for you. For example, you decided to construct career for what it is necessary to work much, quite often at night. Having begun to work the first week, after several days you understand that you began to be tired strongly. So himself wants to make a respite such minutes!

Here it is also necessary to show will power. Remember council: Any person can much more, than he actually thinks and still tell yourself that you like to be engaged in work and to work on conscience. If this work of creative character, remember how other people what benefit they can bring them need your gifts. And safely start business!