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Whether Rozenkrants and Gildenstern were engaged in black magic?

B 1586 Christopher Marlo finished Cambridge. He should defend the dissertation and to receive degree of the master of divinity.

However his secret life of the agent of the English intelligence demanded from him the continuous absences which caused discontent of teachers and the dean. And when it became known of its frequent trips to Reims where at that time there was one of the leading Catholic seminaries, the question of its expel from university on suspicion of change was raised.

At this particular time his portrait was removed from a wall and thrown in the distant storeroom where it was found in 1953.

However Christopher was not deducted and safely received an academic degree because the letter signed with faces of the highest rank came to faculty. It was specified in this letter that Marlo not only is not guilty in change, and, on the contrary, participates in affairs of the greatest importance of which the teaching structure does not know and that Her Majesty it will be very dissatisfied if the reputation of the person who served it a faithful service is discredited.

In what this faithful service could consist?

The Rheims seminary was a nest of plots and attempts at Elizabeth`s life and others objectionable to the father of monarchs. The fanatic Jacques Clement, the murderer of the French king Heinrich the Third, was a native of this seminary.

Marlo was sent to Reims to expose the next plot against Elizabeth. At this time their quantity sharply increased: Catholics wanted to kill Elizabeth and to put Maria Stewart on a throne.

In Reims Marlo had to come into contact with one of seminarists by the name of Richard Bains.

Bains was enlisted by the English intelligence after it turned out that he behaves at all not as it befits the kind Catholic. He secretly scoffed at church ceremonies, kept blasphemous speeches and broke posts. After he was exposed and subjected to tortures, he confessed and confessed in the sins, but beared malice and I am eager to sweep. And when the head of the English intelligence sir Francis Uolsingem began to look for agents in Reims, Bains willingly offered the services.

Marlo had to cooperate with it. In the beginning they became friends. Perhaps, Bains aroused in him the first change of scepticism and atheism. However their friendship proceeded not for long and came to an end while Bains suggested Uolsingem to poison as voluntary service a seminar well. Uolsingem indignantly refused, and Marlo brought the former friend in the play Maltese Jew in an image of the poisoner ready for any meanness and betraying those to whom served still yesterday.

It Bains did not forgive. Vindictive and vindictive, he decided to wait for the hour.

The first time it was given an opportunity to settle scores in 1592. Together with Marlo they were sent to Flyushing - the Belgian city from which the main financing of the English Catholics arrived. Suspected that there counterfeit money is made.

It was necessary to take root on their Wednesday and to find counterfeiters.

This mission was failed because of Bains. He wrote a denunciation to the governor Robert Sidney (Philip and Mary Sidney`s brother) that his roommate Christopher Marlo is engaged in production of counterfeit money. A search was executed and the machine and one gold coin are found.

If the denunciation was the truth, Marlo would be waited by the death penalty. However the governor just sent Marlo to England to lord Barli, having sent that the letter - just as Hamlet was sent to England. And the same as in the play, instead of Hamlet the informer suffered. Bains and Marlo accused each other of treachery, and Barli believed Marlo, and discharged Bains of work.

However Bains did not reconcile to defeat. And in a year it was given other, best opportunity.

England was at that time flooded with crowds of emigrants - Protestants. It led to the fact that they took workplaces, leaving British without work. And sir Walter Raleigh made the speech in parliament, urging to limit entrance of emigrants and to take care of aboriginals.

And in several days in the center of London there was a poster with the poem where in the sharpest expressions it was offered to emigrants to get out away from England . Below there was a signature Tamerlan - one of Marlo`s nicknames. The archbishop demanded urgent investigation. General searches among writers began, and the friend and the coauthor Marlo Thomas Kidd was one of the first.

Nothing was found in its papers, pointing out participation in the composition of the shocking poem. Instead the leaf with the fragment rewritten by hand from " was found; The Treatise about Arian heresies . However, this treatise was published officially, but any pretext suited the archbishop. Kidd was arrested and subjected to cruel tortures. On a rack he confessed that the leaf belongs to Marlo who lived with it together in one apartment two years ago and forgot a leaf when moving.

It was also required. On May 20 Marlo was arrested on a charge of participation in Arian heresy. However Barli released him from under on the same day - arrest, having bailed.

And here Bains appears on a scene again. He writes well thought over denunciation in which in detail lists all heretical and blasphemous statements of Marlo (whether Bains attributed it the former speeches for which he paid in Reims earlier?) remembers a false coin, the atheistic lectures given in a circle of Raleigh and his friends (and witch-hunt began with Raleigh`s performance in parliament), and says that in case of need it can provide witnesses.

Thomas Kidd was released from prison, but completely broken - both morally, and physically. In August, after official death of Marlo, he continued to write on him the denunciations very similar to Bains`s note. However it did not help it. Deprived of protection, it fell into poverty and in a year died.

Bains`s destiny remained not clear. In England there were several people with such name. One was hung up for theft of a cup in a tavern - too a year later. Another became a priest and lived 16 more years.

Perhaps, two friends - the traitor became Rozenkrants and Gildenstern`s prototypes.

And in the second " edition; Fausta let out in many years after death Marlo, there was a scene in which two friends, one of whom is called Dick (a diminutive from Richard), try to steal a cup from a tavern. The owner finds them behind this occupation, and they call Mephistopheles. That arrives and flies into a rage from - for the fact that two idiots who picked up separate knowledge distract him from work on trifles.

So, informers are not just informers. They are the unlucky adherents of black magic trying to imitate the teacher - to Faust - but not succeeded from - for the nonsense and meanness.

And in a legend of the master Hiram it is told that he died from hands of pupils for the fact that he refused to reveal them the secrets permitted only to devoted. From - for it the temple which was built by the master remained unfinished until murderers do not confess and the way of darkness for the sake of a way of world is not quitted.

And when it happens, the original temple created from the Word will be complete.