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Roses, tears and love Why female novels are necessary?

Which of us, lovely ladies, did not read love stories? Oh, how many got down their heroines how many unexpected turns wait for them on pages of books spill! Scarlett from Gone with the Wind Meggie from The Thorn Birds Jane Eyre from a novel of the same name, Anjelica - all of them became symbols of female literature.

Acquaintance to female novels happens usually at early age. There is a wish for emotions, adventures, acquaintance to real men. But life very often cannot give to young persons of all this. Also books come to the rescue. it is better for

to begin with the famous authors - sisters Bronte, Margaret Mitchell, Jane Austen. Nobody will reveal a secret of female soul better, than women. Heroines of the above-stated writers are brave, cheerful, honest and nice. And, above all, all of them are in a certain moral framework and can teach much.

Let freethinkers say about what literature should not learn and the author has no right to talk to the reader teacher`s tone, let. But the clever reader always knows, where and when and what tone with it the author of the book speaks. And if in the book the real feelings, experiences and searches are described, useful thoughts are stated, then why not to note them? Literature has to force to think, force unostentatiously and interestingly, but not to turn in paper chatter about anything.

The success of female novels just also consists in their unostentatious and simple sentence to think of life - not about life of the detective or criminal leader, politician or superman, and about the woman`s life with all its love, personal and can be even social problems. It is absolutely optional to heroine of the female novel to save the world and to struggle with the evil of interplanetary scale, she has enough of fact that she can understand herself and find a way out of vital difficulties, without endowing at the same time the principles.

Modern female novels can be divided (it is not conditional at all) on love, erotic, detective and psychological. Naked the sensuality or love without intrigue are monotonous and boring. The second time to read such books it is uninteresting. The same can be told also about popular nowadays female detectives. Such books are read on one breath and then become dusty in bookcases, all forgotten. There is it because behind external dynamics of a plot there is no internal dynamics, there is no conflict. There is no fight.

Popularity secret, for example, Gone with the Wind consists in strong and ambiguous characters of heroes. Scarlett not an extreme erotomanka, not the dry and flat woman - the detective. She is just a woman! Intolerable, eccentrical and strong.

Long ago it is time for modern writers to understand: the reader is not omnivorous! The reader is not only the student reading on the run or the tired housewife who sat down to read the book between times. And female novels it not only a good way to earn money. The female novel is a genre not less serious, than any other literary genre. Well to authors to enrich lungs texts landscapes, scenes of household life simple and clear to all, then books will become warm and live. And then the reader will make their books desktop. And that else is necessary for happiness for the real writer!

So why female novels are necessary? That to read them! That in rainy autumn evening it was possible to plunge into someone`s interesting life, to learn in heroines of or, on the contrary, not to learn. So, we read female novels, lovely ladies, and we do of present characters of future heroines that years through hundred of our great-granddaughters became engrossed in reading of books it seems Jane Eyre or The Thorn Birds .