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How to prepare a fast dessert?

Yes, without sweet and a lunch - not a lunch, even if also fast. And furthermore when in a family there are children! But, having prepared a sweet dish in a post, we niskolechko, nevertheless, will not violate rules and we will bungle our dessert as God ordered, that is fast! Here to you retseptik easy, fast and skusny cookies.

Bananovo - honey cookies

Banana - 1 piece;

flour - 3 - 4 glasses;

sugar - 1 glass;

medical - 2 tablespoons;

a baking powder - 1 h a spoon;

water - 1 tablespoon.

Preparation: Very ripe banana we knead

in uniform gruel. We add sugar to the mashed banana, medical and we heat mix on a water bath to full dissolution of sugar. Then we add a baking powder and after mix turns white and will increase in volume, we remove from a water bath and we cool.

We pour the sifted flour into the cooled mix and we knead dough. That cookies did not turn out firm, we add to dough a little water - 1 tablespoon (it is possible to add a little margarine) - and we roll in layer not less than 1 cm thick. It is possible to cut out figures dredging or to cut rombikama dough by means of a knife.

The baking sheet is oiled vegetable or we sprinkle water and slightly we sprinkle with flour, then we spread cookies. From above we grease each cookies by means of a brush with water, we sugar and we bake till golden color 7 - 10 minutes, attentively observing as cookies are concerned quickly. The main thing - not to overdo, otherwise will harden!

It is possible to roll dough in a small plait and to slice it instead of traditional expression by figures. It turns out very quickly and conveniently!

Donuts with jam

Ingredients for fast yeast dough:

water - 500 ml;

yeast - 30 g;

sugar - 3 - 4 tablespoons;

salt - a pinch;


vegetable oil - 2 tablespoons

For a stuffing:

jam, jam or fruit jelly;

vegetable oil for hot fan.


Fast yeast dough prepares in the bezoparny way. We roll ready dough in a plait, then we cut on small pieces and we roll from them balls of the size of small apple (is possible less). We leave to approach for 5 minutes.

Then each ball is rolled in flat cake, we put a little jam on core, jam or fruit jelly, we collect edges of the test to the center and well we pinch that the stuffing did not flow out. We spread donuts on the oiled baking sheet and we leave to approach 15 - 20 minutes. We fry donuts in hot fan from two parties till golden color.

Temperature of hot fan should not be too high (that donuts were fried thoroughly from within), too low (otherwise donuts will incorporate excess fat). We take out ready donuts from hot fan and we spread on the plateau laid by a napkin for running off of excess fat. To strew from above with icing sugar.

The apples stuffed with fruit jelly, raisin and nuts


apples - 4 pieces;

raisin or prunes - 30 - 50 g;

walnuts - 30 - 50 g;

fruit jelly - 30 - 50 g


Apples to wash up and dry. At each apple we cut off a top with a fruit stem and accurately we delete a core, trying not to cut through apple through.

To chop walnuts, but not really small. We cut fruit jelly cubes. The steamed-out, washed and dried raisin (instead of raisin it is possible to take) to mix the steamed-out and small cut prunes together with nuts and fruit jelly and to fill with the received stuffing the prepared apples.

To pin apples in several places that when roasting they did not burst and to lay out them in a form for roasting in which previously to pour a little water. Then to stew apples in an oven to readiness. Apples about 10 - 15 minutes prepare at a temperature of 180 C. It is possible to lay apples on a frying pan, to add waters and to extinguish on a plate, having covered or to prepare them in the microwave oven.

To decorate ready apples with pieces of multi-colored fruit jelly, to strew slightly with icing sugar, and beautiful, tasty, original (and, above all - useful) the vitamin dessert is ready! When the post ends, try to make such stuffing for apples: cottage cheese, sugar, eggs, nuts, it is possible raisin. Too it is very tasty!

And here the recipe of very tasty, it is perfect of fast ice cream which can be prepared even in days of a strict post when oil does not receive the blessing - it consists of one fruit: the frozen berries and bananas. So:

The most fast and fast ice cream in the world!


the frozen strawberry - 200 g,

bananas - 1 - 2 piece,

leaves of mint or berry of strawberry - for ornament.

Preparation: Strawberry and bananas with small addition of sugar to crush

in the blender. To lay out the ice cream received thus in ice-cream bowls and to decorate with berries of strawberry or leaves of mint, and it is possible for both those, and others together. The consistence of ice cream depends on amount of bananas.

And the following original dessert will pleasantly surprise and will please not only children, but also adults!

Natural orange segments with jelly


gelatin - 25 g;

oranges - 5 pieces;

sugar - 6 - 8 tablespoons;


Preparation: Gelatin to wet

in 1 glass of cold boiled water and to leave for swelling for 1 hour. To put the bulked-up gelatin on fire and to bring to boiling (but not to boil) and its full dissolution. Oranges (2 - 3 - 5 pieces) to wash up and cut lengthways on 2 parts - so that about 2 halves from everyone turned out. Accurately, by means of a knife or a spoon with keen edges to remove pulp from halves of oranges, trying not to damage a peel.

To wring out juice from the pulp which is taken out from oranges and to filter it through a strainer or a gauze. In a saucepan to pour 150 - 200 ml of water, to pour sugar, orange pulp and to put a saucepan on fire. After boiling to cook 4 - 5 minutes. To filter broth. To connect the filtered broth to gelatin, orange juice and it is good to stir. To fill halves of oranges with the turned-out broth with gelatin and to put to the cold place before hardening.

It is more convenient to fill oranges with liquid jelly, having put the cleared half in a glass or a cup, a bottom down - then jelly will not pour out and will well stiffen. To cut orange on slices, it is necessary to turn an orange half a bottom up, to put on a dosochka and sharp to knife orange.

It is possible to decorate with such orange segments cakes, cakes or to give for a dessert, as an independent dish. For preparation of jelly it is possible to use any juice or compote also. Looks beautifully and appetizingly, and on taste it is even better! It is possible to make one orange with raisin - too interestingly it turns out.

Bon appetit to you and your house!