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How to get the driver`s license? Examinations in traffic police of

Ah, it is right, right Your crusts, your guiding crusts .

If process of obtaining the driving license it is conditional to i to divide

into two stages, then on the horizon the second began to dawn, so. The second for an order, but, at all, not on value.

And what, it is asked to be afraid to the certified graduate of driving school? And the fact that to militia it comes to examination to the teeth armed with various rumors frightened of horror stories, warned well-wishers . Here also the truth moment approaches.

At first it is necessary to confirm knowledge of Traffic regulations theoretically. Examination (in my case) - computer testing: 20 questions, on each question - several versions of answers, only - 20 minutes. Bewildered I look at the puffing and sweating neighbors as itself I cope in 6 minutes and on the seventh victoriously I finish. The captain, hiding approval behind an indulgent smile, fixes time of delivery of the following part of tests.

Just next day - so-called " platform; where I as the driver have to show skills of performance of various maneuvers.

Unfortunately, Moscow is world-wide notorious phenomenal traffic jams . Ability to move in terribly dense automobile stream, to part, having available distances between the next cars only several centimeters, to take parking spaces the size not many more case of the car, to be developed on small patches - it is not demonstration of skills of extreme driving, but urgent vital need.

We will move to the traffic police autodrome. " Volkswagen; on which it is necessary to take examination, pleasantly surprises - convenient, obedient and maneuverable. A difference with my autoschool Nine preogromny that causes an obligation to our valorous militia.

You were right, the relentless instructor of driving school forcing to repeat and repeat performance figures not forgiving any brought-down counter! Frankly speaking, in the form of arrival on a marking did not do without flaw. But, having remembered my theoretical merits, exercises in general read and generous allow to the following stage of practical examination - to driving in the conditions of real traffic.

In each examination division of traffic police the plan of the approved movement route that candidates for drivers of vehicles could get acquainted with it in advance has to be hung out in the available place. And this plan really was. In an amicable way, it would be better not only to look at it, and to take somebody and to pass on the forthcoming way near the driver.

It turned out that the route was developed without any artful intention. If to compare to the prospectus according to which it was necessary to do a bit of traveling, being trained in driving school, conditions of this route seemed to me very humane and the knowledge of traffic regulations helped out me once again.

I admit, small mistakes were. Provocative actions of the examiner to force me to violation of road rules about which warned at the different levels, I will not remember.

Yes! The rights - that I with a parting word Do not drive! in total - received. And I can even boast a two-year experience of accident-free driving (fie - fie).

It is time to sum up the results that the experience gained by me did not sink Into oblivion.

In - the first, preparing for passing an examination on theoretical knowledge of Traffic regulations, do not feel sorry for forces and time. Our militia is respectful to those drivers who, at least, will not make road accident because of ignorance of rules.

In - the second, learn to maneuver actually well: having this skill, you should not pay for repair of someone else`s equipment.

In - the third if you honestly coped with delivery of the first two stages of examination in traffic police, then you will hand over the third for certain. To fill up specially, according to some, nobody you will be. Though manifestation of special interest in result at us is accepted so far.

With a wish happy journey allow to remind one unwritten rule: Let Pass to the Fool !