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And all-: what is fashion?

Fashion are, probably, now the most popular subject. Let`s pass by a stall with magazines and newspapers. What do we see? Glamour Burda Shopping Guide Cosmopolitan All about one - about fashion. Recently I face this word so often that I really wanted to learn its true sense.

Definition of fashion on the website www is very interestingly given. chtotakoe. info. More precisely, not one is given there, and at once two definitions: the first from the point of view of the housewife (D), the second - the philosopher (F).

The Fashion (D) is a form of manifestation of culture, this reflection of reality which is shown in a behavior manner, and mainly in clothes. The fashion changes very often. The fashion sets certain rules of conduct and manners to put on, and the person who is not following these rules risks to pass unfashionable . At the same time there are rules which never get out of fashion, for example, classical style in clothes.

The fashion (F) is a domination of a certain taste in a certain sphere of life. As a rule, the fashion is short and often changes, sometimes coming back to long ago forgotten.

It is necessary to notice that the bulk of people argues as the housewife. Perhaps, for this reason there are so much talk and disputes on this subject. Really, the fashion changes. Changes often: every season offer us something new. Often we do not notice the word offer therefore it turns out as if fashion sends something supernatural, something like God to whom all have to submit.

And who legislator? Designers? But it is the same people. Same, as we. And to create something brand new and to transfer it to the masses (as we know, all new is well forgotten old) - just their work.

But it is often even more interesting. Some strange girl shook things from a grandmother`s chest and incidentally came across leggings. Wanted to joke of friends - put on a disco. It was pleasant to someone, someone, turning away, it was spat, but all were shocked. By all it was remembered. The effect is reached! As - nibud (it is not so important as) Vyacheslav Zaytsev worked on the new collection, for example, intercepted idea. Further - it is even more interesting: delivered a collection to Italy, France, America. There it was pleasant to all. We shout: Hurrah! Yes fashionable tendencies are well! Thanks to great Zaytsev that opened for us eyes! It would Seem, leggings is not a dress, a big role cannot play. Not here - that was! 80 - e again in fashion! 80 - e everywhere. Music, perfumery - everything comes back to the past Is not present

, I do not exaggerate. I just try to prove that the person first of all is individual. It has to have the taste and style not only in clothes. Why silly to repeat after others?! Why to force itself to fall in love with the fact that hated all life? It is SILLY! All this is not necessary. What for? we Will tear modern stereotypes an old saying Tastes differ also we will be right. You are INDIVIDUAL.

P. S. I can prove the aforesaid aphorisms:

The Fashion is an operated epidemic . (Bernard Shaw)

The fashionable standard can recognize the Real woman by her rebelliousness at once, it carries only what to it goes . (I. A. Efremov)

The Woman would be in despair if the nature created her such what is done by its fashion . (P. Buast)

I Hope, it is enough. But all has to be moderately. At everything at the same time do not forget Zh. Labryuyer`s word: To Despise fashion as stupidly as too zealously to follow it .

I wish good luck!