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What at us on a fast table?

the Nativity Fast - one of mild, and fish receive the blessing in all days, except Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Severity a post amplifies only in the last week before Christmas, and the most strict post falls on Christmas Eve - on January 6.

However the main goal and mission of the post in general established in early centuries of Christianity is a spiritual clarification of the person.

The fast table is very useful to health. But the products applied at this time - vegetables, cereals and others are the most distinguished culinary products demanding quite often special art of preparation and yielding the most surprising results.

Here New Year we, as we know, meet the recipe of extraordinary tasty and refined fast dish which will be suitable as well for a New Year`s table in most that on is, a post heat, it depends time is noted toughening of rules of acceptance of food. So:

The carp on - monastically with vegetables, mushrooms and a lemon to us is required to

For preparation of this dish :

a large carp - 1 piece (1,5 - 2 kg);

paprika - 1 - 2 piece;

carrots - 1 - 2 piece;

mushrooms fresh - 300 g;

onion - 1 - 2 piece;

a lemon - 0,5 pieces;

salt, pepper (white or black).

Having washed up and having dried a linen napkin of a carp, we rub him I will merge also pepper. Having cut off 2 slices from the prepared lemon half, we cut each of them in half. In one (!) we do to a side of a carp small cuts (at an angle 45 degrees) and we insert these halves of slices of a lemon there.

We squeeze out juice of the remained lemon, watering with it a carp. We boil mushrooms 20 minutes in the added some salt water (to merge broth) and we cut them small pieces. It is better to take forest mushrooms - for example, white, chanterelles, birch mushrooms, etc. Onions are cut by rings, and the washed-up and peeled carrots - circles. Also we wash the cleaned pepper, we dry and we cut straws.

On the frying pan warmed with vegetable oil we fry onions 3 minutes. Then we add carrots and we fry 5 more minutes. We add paprika there and we fry 5 more minutes. In the oiled form or a frying pan we spread vegetables, mushrooms, from above we set up fish (slices of a lemon have to be from above), we sprinkle oil and we bake at a temperature of 180 - 190 degrees of 30 - 35 minutes.

Such beauty turns out that it is not a shame to put a dish on a holiday table! For a piquancy it is possible even to water it with white wine when roasting that will give to a dish tenderness and refinement.

And here the recipe of quickly preparing nutritious soup for which ingredients will always be in the house of any hostess.

Millet soup with a chesnochok


millet - 0,5 glasses;

water - 1,5 liters;

carrots - 1 piece;

onion - 1 - 2 piece;

garlic - 3 segments;


salt, pepper.


to Touch and wash out millet, to fill in it with water and to cook to softness, to salt. Small to cut onions, to rub carrots on a large grater. Then onions with carrots to spasserovat and add to a pan to millet.

To cook soup about 5 more minutes, then to pepper and dosolit to taste, to add the crushed garlic, small cut greens, to switch off and allow to be drawn under a cover of 5 minutes. For color it is possible to add a red Bulgarian pepper also. If it seemed to someone insufficiently tasty - it is possible to add in 10 minutes until the end of cooking chicken cube.

Such supets - easy in every respect, is useful also in a post and as the dietary dish, and very much helps out, when there is no time and there is nothing (and it happens) to prepare. And the following dish as all ingenious, - is simple!

Crabsticks in puff pastry


puff pastry - 200 - 300;

crabsticks - 200 - 300;

vegetable oil or egg for greasing.

Preparation: Puff pastry we roll

in layer and we cut strips 1 - 2 cm wide. We wind each crabstick on a spiral with a test strip. Neither to salt, nor it is not necessary to pepper. Having sprinkled a baking sheet water, we spread sticks in the test, we oil them from above vegetable or egg.

We bake within 25 - 30 minutes at a temperature of 160 - 180 degrees to readiness of the test. Quickly, tasty and fine! Well as in hot, and cold. It is possible to give sticks with various interesting sauces.

Recently when the whole world like unique culture of the East more and more, and the Japanese sushi, sashimi and beaters win to themselves the place not only in the menu of refined restaurants, but also in home cuisine, the most tasty will be superactual on our table in a post, but the main thing - absolutely simple in preparation...

Fast beaters home-style


rice boiled - 200 g;

a fresh cucumber - 1/4 piece;

shredded peanut;

rice vinegar - 1 tablespoon;

oyster or soy sauce - 1 tablespoon.

Preparation: the Boiled and washed out rice still warm to mix

with rice vinegar. Exactly, thinly and densely it is possible to level - a risinka to a risinka on a dense linen napkin or on a special bamboo rug (there are also for these purposes silicone rugs). In core to lay out the cucumbers cut by large straws densely to roll, roll in " roll; in nuts or sesame sunflower seeds. To cut, lay out on a plateau and to water with oyster sauce. Everything, is ready! Bon appetit!

Well and, clear, - what lunch without salad which, of course, is served in a meal the first! And here the recipe of useful and harmonious salad under the name

" will approach; Paradise harmony


tomatoes - 3 - 4 pieces;

cucumbers fresh - 2 - 3 pieces;

paprika - 1 piece;

salad sheet;

of avocado - 1 piece

For gas station:

olive or vegetable oil - 3 - 4 tablespoons;

juice of a lemon or white wine vinegar - 0,5 - 1 tablespoon;

salt, pepper.


Tomatoes and cucumbers to wash up and dry. To cut cucumbers segments, and tomatoes - circles. To dig the washed-up and dried lettuce leaves hands. Avocado to wash up, dry and cut lengthways in half. To remove a stone and to sprinkle lemon juice that avocado did not darken, then to cut it bars or slices and to sprinkle once again lemon juice. The cleaned pepper to wash up and cut straws.

To connect the prepared vegetables and to lay out in a salad bowl. To fill salad with olive oil and juice of a lemon (or wine vinegar), to add a little salt and pepper. Before giving to mix.

And here one more salatik from my favourite haricot:

Haricot apples salad

haricot - 300 g (1,5 thin glasses);

beet boiled - 150 g;

apples (turned sour - sweet) - 300 g;

vinegar - 2,5 Art. of l;

salt, pepper;

olive or sunflower oil.

Haricot to wash out and wet for 7 - 8 hours in cold water, then to weld to readiness (to cook hour with small, it is better to salt at the end of cooking). To merge water. Cleared turned sour - to slice sweet apples thin or small cubes. To cut the boiled beet with thin straws.

To mix the cut apples and beet, to fill salad with oil, vinegar, salt and pepper to taste, it is good to mix and at once to give to a table. And once again appetite pleasant to you.

- Well, and what lunch without sweet? - you ask and you will be right! And therefore - we will talk about sweet in the article How to prepare a fast dessert? .