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How deceive on the Internet? The world virtual - money real

Where there is money, - there appears also swindlers. These are two interconnected concepts. One does not exist without another. However, it is necessary to recognize that some swindles are even original and elegant. Here only to people is not easier for victims of them at all. We continue to list types the Internet - frauds.

5. Outwork! 2 hours a day and a salary in 500 dollars are guaranteed. it is a lot of

of Such announcements. Therefore it is necessary to tell only about what came across personally I or my acquaintances.

a) the offer to buy the training disk and to become the qualified copywriter. Having bought

a disk with the training program for only 70 dollars, you will be able to earn from 500 to 1000 dollars monthly. Do not worry about orders - ourselves will send them to you after you pass necessary training and learn to work well.

P. S. The most ridiculous that my work in the Internet - Shkolazhizni`s magazine. ru began after reading of such letter - I tried to earn by the inept articles on purchase of the training disk, having resolved not to spend cash. While wrote articles and accustomed to the Internet, has heard plenty of responses from less hard-fisted buyers of the training disks who for months waited at least for one - two orders to pay back training . In principle, on this disk (if all - send its) there will be a useful information - something like excerpts from textbooks on grammar and bases of literary skill.

) the offer to execute the trial order.

the Translation of texts, a set of texts, creation and formatting of the websites, accounting work - anything. But at first it is necessary to pay small money (rubles 50 - 100) - it will be a guarantee that you are seriously ready, intend to execute the order and will not begin to disclose the obtained information. By the way, if to answer immediately several same announcements from different firms, then it is possible to receive same (if not absolutely identical) orders. And it in spite of the fact that firms are located in different parts of the country and, in principle, cannot be connected among themselves in any way.

Conclusion: If to the unemployed (or to the person interested to earn) the offer to pay money for employment or confirmation of the consent to cooperate - where send to

the logician here? Work is when pay you, but not you pay.

6. Lotteries the Internet - shops. Buy

something small and inexpensive (music, games, cards), it is desirable in several copies, and participate in draw expensive (mobile phones, audio - and video equipment). At the end of the month (or weeks) you learn that someone safely won this prize. No guarantees and confirmations that the prize really was, exist.

7. Mobile auction. Send to

SMS - the message (of course, paid) with the answer to any question to certain number. If you quicker and most correctly answer questions - will win the mobile phone, tickets, cards for account replenishment, any other version of the answer. Questions of whether the prize costs the money spent for messages and what probability of a prize, comes later. It should be noted that the real lotteries with prizes are sometimes carried out, for example, on radio (a prize - tickets for a concert or in movie theater) or advertizing campaigns from trademarks (a prize - production of the same trademark).

8. The message that your computer is infected with a virus and needs the anti-virus program which you can buy (the e-mail address is applied).

One more elegant swindle. The Internet users who are daily updating anti-pillboxes - units. Viruses - millions. The probability of infection - is very high.

If pay for an antivirus - at best, nothing will happen to your computer. In the worst, you can be infected with one of Trojan viruses (remember danayets, the gifts bringing and what happened then to Troy) and your computer (and the programs installed on it, including monetary) will be operated not by you any more.


it is better for b to fork up on the license anti-virus program and to regularly update it, than to find out that from your accounts and purses money disappeared.

9. Install advertizing on the mobile phone. money - that every time when their phone turns on or arrives a call can offer Owners of smartphones

, the advertizing prompt joins. For this purpose permission of the owner is necessary. Can send as usual advertizing (and even to pay for it money) - and viruses. And from your phone at its connection with other device, viruses will extend further. As money on the account at you and your acquaintances - a matter of time and the hacker`s correctnesses will long remain. However, such offer can really arrive from the advertizing company - as testing of a new type of advertizing.

10. The Internet - a casino. If in a usual casino the probability of a prize of the owner is 12 - 15% more than

, than at the player (it in the most correct and law-abiding casinos which are not applying any tricks here only I do not know whether there are such?), to check settings the Internet - there is no casino any opportunity. And to see winners - too.


If you have spare cash, and you derive from game quite real pleasure - good luck to you in game. Only in advance determine the sum, having lost which, you will bowl off. If there is enough will power.

As you can see, in virtual space it is possible to lose quite real money.