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How the child without mother and how it is correct to bring up him to the single father grows?

in recent years not only lonely mothers, but also lonely fathers - quite frequent phenomenon of modern life. On the statistics based on social polls, the fathers alone raising the children is every eighth family. And it is impossible to call data absolutely exact in view of the fact that many lonely fathers hide the present provision.

Despite all aforesaid, the term lonely father does not exist in principle since still the legislation did not take care of legally to prove it and to provide to the male parent the corresponding guarantees and privileges. In it wine not only the states, but also men who often do not wish to handle in social security authorities the problems.

The reasons for which children are left without mother, approximately the same when the child has no father. It is possible to refer divorces as a result of which by a court decision the child remains with the father, premature death of the wife, deprivation of the woman of the maternal rights to their number. The last, unfortunately, quite often is a consequence of abuse of mother of alcohol and her stay in not so remote places of our Homeland.

If you had to bring up the child alone, do not despair. The lonely man who assumed weight of paternity causes respect of people around. Many fathers with ease cope with the problems which fell on their shoulders - the father always was for the child a partner and the adviser in games, support and a support of a family. The advice given in article will help you to avoid some troubles.

From the moment of leaving of mother - to manage to undertake the most important female duties. Remember that men do not cry. Therefore instead of lowering hands and to retire into oneself, do not hesitate to ask the help and council for other women, familiar families, fellow workers and other people close to you. They will surely meet requirements of you.

In view of lack of appropriate guarantees and privileges it is worth paying attention to the family budget. Perhaps, it is necessary where - nibud to earn additionally in the evenings or in one of days off. If in the past you were a fan of the men`s companies and different sit-round gathering, for example, the visitor of bars and restaurants, it is worth or forgetting about them, or to try to visit them as seldom as possible. Will better find all the free time for the child - believe, now it at you will be a little.

If mother exists, you should not limit the child`s meetings with it, on the contrary - it is necessary to encourage them in every possible way. The child should not test negative attitude to mother, especially if it is the boy. Subsequently it will affect the attitude towards the beloved and in general, to a female in general.

The man who is bringing up the child alone needs to learn to give it more heat, gentle caress, love. Generally, to create for it the pleasant and friendly emotional atmosphere. Otherwise he can grow up stale and angry in relation to other people. With absence of mother the child feels in all this a special need. Tenderness to the child will not spoil him at all, and on the contrary, will raise a level of credibility between you.

Very important indicator of humane education - correctly organized day regimen. Your child has to lay down in time, get enough sleep and have a rest well. And rest has to be whenever possible active. In school days from the first classes he has to get used to reasonable distribution of intellectual and physical work, not overtire. For this purpose it is worth thinking of writing down it, for example, in sports section.

Independence, responsibility and discipline - the qualities equally important both for the boy, and for the girl (despite ordinary opinions in the latter case). For this reason active recreation is necessary for the child. Bezdelye and laziness can only worsen working capacity, and in extreme cases - to promote hit in the bad companies and in captivity of addictions.

Well joint hobbies - movies, animated films, music, books unite fathers and children Therefore never refuse and do not refer to congestion affairs (if of course, that is not present actually) when your kid or the baby ask to spend time with them. It will only strengthen your relations, will promote love and mutual understanding.

Good luck to you!