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How deceive on the Internet? Virtual swindles lead boundless fraud of

to loss of quite real money. General availability, the world distribution of the Internet and legal impunity is a horn of plenty for emergence of swindles, roguish projects and

1. Breaking electronic mailboxes and listing telephone or Askinykh negotiations with instructions of owners of phone numbers.

elegantly and simply. To the person the message from the well-wisher with unpleasant news comes (change of the husband / wife, hit of the child to the bad company, appointments of the minor daughter to the suspicious man). Suggest to sell it listing their telephone or Askinykh negotiations with instructions of subscribers and their full name to crack his / her e-mail. Or to install on the computer the program - the spy who will duplicate for you all his / her actions - and all this within a week. Payment - electronic money (at once completely or with an advance payment). In the morning - money, in the evening - chairs. Forgive, listing. The price - depending on a set of services. Telephone negotiations - are cheaper, breaking of mail - is more expensive, the program - the spy - is even more expensive. The e-mail address for the order of such service is applied.

Conclusion: by

If to leave a moral aspect of a question off-screen, try to be saved at least from financial mistakes. If you are very suspicious and curious, can send to swindlers money - on it their attention to you will stop.

If you are more careful - ask the well-wisher, than he guarantees that he will really execute the order? If he is so almighty - let will tell numbers at least of several of your telephone or Internet interlocutors and will provide their data, will send the detailed listing.

2. Requests for the help. by

at forums posts online the announcement with a request for money. Pretexts: an illness of the child (sometimes even the photo of the nice kid), assistance after some accident (for example, explosion of gas in mine or in a house is placed) or an act of terrorism. Money should be sent on the bank account (its requisites, naturally, are specified in the announcement) or by means of electronic money. In advance the gratitude and the promise to pray for yours health is expressed.

It is terrible to cover fraud with an illness of the child. Especially as the person who burned on such announcements can be disappointed in them and, at all desire to help, to refuse mercy to really needing people.

of Conclusion: If the bank account is opened for

for the charitable help, bank employees will never refuse to provide contact information of the owner. On the contrary, contact phones of injured people and their relatives can even be hung out in premises of bank.

If you want to be convinced that it - not swindle, try to come into contact with the child`s parents. Learn in what hospital it lies, its diagnosis and need of further treatment. And after it it is possible to transfer money into the account or to transfer them personally. All this is troublesome - but will know that made really good deed, but did not fall into a trap swindlers.

3. Free horoscope.

You Want to learn the future - send date of the birth, a surname - a name - a middle name, the e-mail address and we will FREE OF CHARGE make a horoscope for you - such announcements already came across to you?

Persons interested to receive cheese are in addition asked to send by SMS of several in advance caused figures from the mobile phone (for example to start the Destiny drum). After that from the same phone in the unknown direction money will depart. Some especially honest swindlers can even send after all this a desirable horoscope - but to you will be already somehow not before.

Conclusion: Never report to nobody to

the personal data needlessly. If, of course, you do not want that all Web knew about you.

4. Buy the an e-mail address.

Your ICQ program is already used by other subscriber - owners " can see such message; ICQ at himself on the computer if someone stole their password. In this case the lawful owner will not manage even to come into the program. If in negotiations information in which distribution you are not interested was used or on the contrary you need the list of contacts in To ICQ you should pay a quantity of electronic money for return of ICQ (from 20 dollars and above). And differently letters of any contents can be sent to your contacts - from a request to send money as you had a small trouble, to the requirement to pay for silence on any delicate question.

Conclusion: do not report

about yourself on To ICQ or e-mail of a confidential information. Do not open unfamiliar electronic messages and mailings about which addressee you know nothing.

The Internet - is boundless. And frauds in it - especially. Continuation - in the following article.