Rus Articles Journal

What is a toothache and as to get rid of it?

All of us unprotected very much, If are long free

from affairs.

On an end of bewitching night

Unexpectedly tooth ached.

Began to have a shave and I nearly shout,

Ya I try to sustain pain with firmness,

It is necessary to be urgently to the doctor

I to try self-adjustment.

Only tooth, - for the rest I am healthy! Will power all pain won against


Ya is quiet as it ten elephants,

Is cool as two crocodiles.

On steps I as a kangaroo,

Quickly I jump, having straightened shoulders,

Ya a talonchik to tooth I take

I to destiny I direct towards.

And in a reception the people, - do not have words. But this thing did not confuse me with

, -

Ya is quiet as eight elephants, Hladnokrovye`s

, as at a crocodile.

Send me to a X-ray,

Tam takes the direction the aunt.

I puts to me a plate in exchange:

- you her finger will press to a gum.

I come back as an owl.

Ya I will not dare to quicken the pace,

hurts not one head,

A and the left heel and a jaw.

Here and in a white dressing gown - IT, Having examined

, included a drill.

Ya is flattered as four elephants,

It is cool as half-crocodile.

- You, the man, stiffened as a case.

Well open, please, a mouth. be not enough for

me for a sleeve,

A you it will tear off not that.

The mouth is open, but saliva,

stirs the Tool as a lethal sting.

Having thought, two more elephants

ran away Into an impenetrable distance.

The drill squeals as a mill,

will raise a howl, cannot abate.

At the doctor points and eyes -

All under color of a crocodile leather.

- Suffer, I a nerve to you will kill,

I microbes everything will take off a bullet.

do not cling to my skirt, - you it almost pulled together


And again I am disturbed by saliva, the Drill disturbs

especially, I will not remember

where a tail at an elephant what

I of sizes its trunk.

- That`s all. There will be strong teeth,

Fill a tooth, do not move companies, a hand hold with

A to me a skirt,

A not that inadvertently will fall down.

... The world put on in a habitual cover,

Pain, at last, released me.

Ya is happy as ten elephants,

I hungry as three crocodiles!