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What the post future prepares for us?

School of life took a culinary competition, and we hurry to share with each other recipes of original delicacies, we try to flash the ability, sharpness and the imagination in the field of culinary victories! And the Nativity Fast began. And this event is also important for many of us.

As the post begins after November 27, day of memory of the apostle Philip, he is called Filippov. Post duration - 40 days, till Christmas holiday (till January 6). By tradition, it was time of a rural sit-round gathering behind spinning and needlework. The first week of a post and was called earlier - Kudelnitsa.

Under the church charter, the use of animal food, that is meat, butter, milk, eggs and cheese is forbidden at this time. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday fish and wine are forbidden, and is permitted to accept food without oil (xerophagia). In other days taste of fish is authorized and food can be eaten with vegetable oil.

As well as any other post, Filippov assumes clarification not only corporal, but also, first of all, - spiritual. Christians have to meet the Son Bozhiya who was to the world with a sincere heart, soul and a body. And that to make our arrangement to a post strong, it is necessary to accustom itself to a postvovaniye slowly, gradually, for a start from abstention from ferial food on Wednesday and on Friday within a year.

It is possible to consult to the skilled confessor, to tell him about corporal and a state of mind, to confess and ask blessing for commission of a post. About that how many it is required in days of food and drink, each person defines for himself - so that not to subject a body to easing, an exhaustion and thereof - inability to business.

Though the basis of a post is a fight against a sin through abstention from food, but abstention, but not an exhaustion have to accompany clarification. Some people, having overzealously and hasty undertaken post feats, begin to fast immensely and strictly. Without being accustomed to it, they become impatient and irritable for hunger and soon or upset the health, or - being angry with all and all - throw the post which became for them intolerable.

One father was asked: what, mainly, is not in a post? The Main thing - is not people - he answered. Here the main thing - to follow the rule given by the Lord: Yes do not aggravate heart yours an objyadeniye and a pianstvo . If the person, refusing habitual food, sitting on vegetables and porridges, is angry and rushes on the family nearly with fists, then he first of all compromises idea post. And to be proud (say, I fast) there is nothing - the effect of such abstention will be, most likely, negative.

The spiritual feat during a post just in that also consists that along with outer side of a post - refusal of ferial food, carnal joys and amusements - the Christian cared about spiritual, inside of the nature. Not taste of this or that food here - not a main objective.

The main thing is that the post accustoms us to monitor the behavior. Accustoming itself to talking smut, to quarrel, to offend nobody, we also will remember further it. To pledge to follow to itself these rules - is more precious, than abstention from this or that food.

Refusal of sinful thoughts, harmful passions and habits (!) - here that basic and the main thing that grants to us the right to celebrate Christmas holiday with a sincere heart! Visit of the temple is especially good and favorable during a post that adjusts Christians on the corresponding, sublime harmony, brings an enlightenment in soul and facilitates abstention.

The illness or pregnancy are considered as the important reasons for refusal of a post. I as the author of article, I can agree that pregnancy can become a cause of failure from a post. But my personal opinion on an illness such is that just in it is that a case it is necessary not only to refrain in food, but, perhaps, even absolutely to refuse it for some time as it is done by sick animals, being guided by an instinct and the Mother - the Nature.

Under the charter, the post is cancelled also for the traveling people, for babies and children till seven years. In certain cases priests bless ease in a post to children till 14 years. Now to fast already not so difficult as was still quite recently - in Soviet period.

Almost at all restaurants and dining rooms during a post the lenten menu is offered, and houses - so especially it is possible to cook the most tasty fast food without efforts, considering a variety of available recipes and abundance of products in shops.

So? Let`s prepare something fast? But original and tasty! About it read in my article What at us on a fast table? .